Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Load your eReader SALE...and a "?"

Did you get an eReader for Christmas this year? Are you ready to load it with bestselling books priced at $3.99 or less? Then check out the 70+ ebooks (including Bibles) that are on sale for $3.99 through Jan 7th)! Among them is To Whisper Her Name

I've purchased six books so far. Which ones are you buying? 

And tell me... I'm in the market to buy a new eReader (I currently have a 2nd generation Kindle), and am leaning toward the Paperwhite. Any of you have a Paperwhite? Pros? Cons?


  1. We have a Kindle Fire and really love it. I tend to read ebooks on my Ipad. I would love to try the new smaller Ipad - my friend has one and I played with it a little. That would probably be what I will get next time around. Thanks for the reminder on the special priced ebooks. I have offered my nonfiction books for free Christmas day and today. Have over 100 downloads so I know there are lots of new reading devices out there! When you first started writing did you think your books would be read electronically??

  2. Thanks, Jan. Appreciate that, friend. It's amazing how quickly eBooks have gained popularity, isn't it? I love them but I still love my print books too. Blessings in the New Year!

  3. Hey you have any recommendations? I have some of the ones offered already but there are few I don't have. I have a Kindle..I'm not sure what generation...but I think the paperwhite looks neat. My sister was telling me (she has a kindle fire and an ipad) that her other devices has a glare when you read outside, but her original Kindle did so well outside she was considering going back to that. It would be nice to have some backlighting when it's dark instead of having to have a light. Happy New Year! ~Stacey


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