Tuesday, March 12, 2013

WINNER of the "Cleaning My Bookshelves" Giveaway is...

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway. Nearly 400 of you, dear readers! We'll do this again soon, I promise. My bookshelves are still bulging. But for now...


Congratulations to... 


...who is the winner of ALL the books featured on the right, as well as her choice of any one of my books. 

Melanie shared in her comment on 3/11/2013 (12:33pm): 

"I would LOVE to read Betrayal, anything by Robin Lee Hatcher, and anything in the stack I haven't read would be fabulous. What a treat! Home with a severe sinus infection, going to a specialist now, weird symptoms. Could really use a surprise Blessing like this to share with family and friends. Well, off to another Doc! Would love some prayers." 

Melanie, I pray you're feeling better and hope these books will aid in a speedy recovery. Thanks for sharing them with family and friends, too. If you'll contact me by sending me a message with 1) your mailing address, and 2) which book of mine you'd like (choose from those below), we'll get your books boxed up and shipped out to you so you can start reading!

Thanks again, everyone, for entering, blessings on your day, and...


Check out two of my bestsellers that are only $2.99 in ebook 

through April 1st 

The Inheritance and To Whisper Her Name

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  1. Congratulations, Melanie! Hope you are feeling better soon! Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House


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