Monday, April 22, 2013

Letting Go by Melanie Kay Park Wright

We said goodbye this past weekend to a loving, beautiful, and gracious woman and sister in Christ. Melanie Wright lived her life for Jesus and today truly was a celebration. She faced her battle with breast cancer with such courage and trust in Christ. 

We started the service by singing Shout to the Lord, and I'm certain I heard heaven joining in. Then later, when we sang When Peace Like a River, Melanie's husband David stood immediately, and my heart just about broke even as it soared seeing his faith in action, trusting in the midst of such pain and loss.

It's so very hard to see someone so young (only 48) leave this world. I know God's timing is perfect. But even knowing that and trusting Him, it sometimes feels too soon, doesn't it? Prayers for David and their kids are so appreciated.

Melanie wrote some beautiful thoughts on life...

 I look forward to seeing Melanie again, once I'm Home.

Blessings on your day, friends.


  1. What an amazing lady Melanie must've been---WOW. I'm so blessed just from reading her essay--thank you for sharing it, Tammy. ~ I am praying for her family, and for all of you who knew her in this life. ~ Oh yes, how GLORIOUS Heaven will be when we all gather there one day!
    Love, Patti Jo

    1. Amen, Patti Jo! And thanks for your prayers, sweet friend.


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