Sunday, August 4, 2013

New issue of FamilyFiction EDGE

READ the new issue of FamilyFiction EDGE - Rene Gutteridge, Irene Hannon,  Brandilyn Collins and MUCH MORE!

Isn't Rene just the cutest? And she's such a great writer. And person! Have you read anything by Rene Gutteridge yet?


  1. Thanks, Tammy....I do plan to read the mag!
    Yes, Rene is just amazing.....I've read most all of her books and loved them. Somehow, I had missed reading Ghostwriter so just got it from local library.....I could not put it down until, what a book....super! I look forward to more books from her!
    Jackie Smith

    1. Isn't Ghostwriter terrific! So glad you got that one, Jackie. Thanks for visiting, and for reading! Blessings, friend.

  2. I'm a lover of the Family Fiction magazines and just finished reading the latest Family Fiction Edge. I loved the article about Rene. I read, Misery Loves was fantastic! Completely changed the way I'll write book reviews in the future, ha! :)

  3. Hello my sweet friend Tamera Alexander--thank you for your kind comments, and thank your readers for their kind comments as well! What a great way to start my Monday!


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