Friday, August 16, 2013

The Making of Harper Collins Christian Publishing

Do you know the history behind Zondervan and Thomas Nelson Publishing companies, now HarperCollins Christian Publishing? Their roots reach back as far as 1798 and are richer in history than you may realize.

Do you look at the publisher's name on the spine before buying a book, relying on that company's publishing track record? Or do you mainly look at the author's name and the story summary before making your decision?


  1. This was a neat video; thanks for sharing!

    Genre then Author is the most important to me though I have been noticing more how I enjoy certain publishers more than others.

  2. I definitely use a publisher's name to check the quality of a book with an author I am unsure of. I was comfortable reading a book called dragonwitch only because it was published by a reputable christian publishing house. Great decision. It is actually the fifth book in a fantasy series, which is totally worth the time. I also use authors that I like to check out cool new publishers that I have never heard of. What do you do?


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