Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What makes you smile?

Have you ever known someone who just seems to look for opportunities to smile? I love being with people like that, don't you?

Here are five things that make me smile!

And get ready, I'm going to ask you to share, too. Not to worry, I'll make it worth your while. Consider the picture to the above right a hint...

  • Comfort food. Specifically, make-ahead french toast.

Comfort food to the max. Sooo delicious, and easy!

  • Pictures of pigs. I know, I know, but they're just so cute.
Saw this at Kirkland's the other day. 

My daughter shared this with me recently. Adorable!

  • Jack. He knows just how to make me smile.
(Veronica & Patti Jo, this is for you!)

  • Being finished with another book. Finally, another story is ready to go to press. A Beauty So Rare has been one beaut of a book to write––all 172,000+ words of it. It's the second Belmont Mansion novel chock-full of history and romance, and I'm beyond excited to share Marcus's and Eleanor's journey with you. And more from Adelicia Acklen, too, the Mistress of Belmont Mansion. 


  • Great books make me smile! And I've read some good ones recently. And even better…I want to share them with you!

Love Stays True by Martha Rogers
Princess Ever After by Rachel Hauck
Rachel by Jill Eileen Smith
All fabulous reads by very talented author friends
All you Pinterest pals, be sure to pin today!

Interested in winning them? Just follow me over to Writes of Passage, and I'll tell you how. It's so easy, friends! But hurry, the chance to win ends at midnight central today.


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