Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Holding the first book

When Jack and I got back from a walk last Saturday, look what was waiting by my door...

He's such a guard dog. NOT!

I suspected it might be my first copy of A Beauty So Rare, the second stand-alone novel in the Belmont Mansion series, so I videoed opening the package just in case. And…

It was! 

What fun. Want to join me in opening it? 

Gracious, it's wonderful to finally hold a copy of this book. long time coming (nearly fourteen months in the writing of these 172,000 words), but I so hope you enjoy the story.

At the end of the video, I mentioned something about the "mustache scarf" I'm wearing...

I'll be interested to know if you know about this certain gal too. If you don't, you need to! I've included a special link at the bottom of this post.

Read a three chapter excerpt
(the book IS "sweeping" after all, LOL, so we can be generous)

Lastly, if you haven't read A Lasting Impression, the first stand-alone novel in the Belmont Mansion series, it's on sale today for $1.99! 

Visit the Belmont Mansion Novels page

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word about events. Thank you! 

So tell me… 

What's the last thing you've found on your door stoop when returning home (maybe a book, some food dropped off by a sweet friend, or something from your friendly MaryKay rep)? And if it's too private of a thing to share…then, please, by all means, DO SHARE! : )

Blessings on your Tuesday!

To find out more about "Amanda" and her cute scarfs, delicious foods, and fun fonts, click here


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