Tuesday, December 16, 2014

80% off over 170 ebooks | To Whisper Her Name $1.99

"Settled on the carriage seat, Olivia drew in a deep breath, the first in what felt like five years. She knew it was wrong, what she was feeling. Because a widow of only a week shouldn't wish to dance a jig. But God help her, that's precisely what part of her wanted to do. Not on the grave of her recently deceased husband, of course––that would be considered rude. Just off to the side would suffice..."
Excerpt from To Whisper Her Name

I grew to love Ridley and Olivia when writing the first Belle Meade Plantation novel, To Whisper Her Name—on sale now for $1.99 e-bookand hope you will too. Or did, if you've already read it. If you have, would you please consider sharing this sale with 2 or 3 reader friends? And don't miss all the other sales... 

Be sure to tell me what you buy!

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