Friday, October 28, 2016

Four more giveaways left in October!

Four more giveaways left in the October month of giveaways on my website. Have you signed up to win yet? 

It's my way of saying "Thanks for reading and for staying connected!" You make all this writing worth it. Truly. 
Writing, while a blessing and a dream job in many ways, is also just flat hard. As a writer, I continually try to make each book better than the last. Plus I'm an extrovert so it gets a tad lonely at times too—although Murphy IS entertaining company. : ) 

Connecting with you through these stories, these characters, through the real history woven throughout… That's one of the best blessings of all.  #grateful

"As music moves us to tears yet makes our hearts soar, A Note Yet Unsung captures the splendor of classical music at a time when women's hard-won strides in cultural issues changed not only world history—but the hearts of men."

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