Monday, July 30, 2007

Present in spirit...

First a quick prologue to set things up...
I'm currently working on my next novel and am approaching the homestretch. I WISH I were on the homestretch but I have a ways to go yet before I start that last completely wild, insane sprint.

Okay, now for the heart of this post...
This past weekend was the weekend out of each summer that I usually meet up with a group of writer buddies in Idaho for four days of brainstorming, fellowship, spiritual renewal, eating, laughing, more brainstorming, more eating, more eating, a quick walk, more brainstorming--
You get the picture...

But due to our family's move this summer from Colorado to Tennessee, combined with my next book being due (and how life just interfered in my writing schedule and timeline), I just couldn't justify going to the "retreat" this year. But ooooooh I wanted to be there!

And I guess I spirit!

These are some of the pictures my buddies sent me over the weekend. Made me feel as if I were there, sort of. Just without all the eating. ;)

To the left, our "group" picture:

And below: This is supposed to be a picture of me eating but let me tell you right now... NO WAY is that plate full enough!

And finally, I exercise (bike or walk) nearly every day so, in my honor, they stuffed me in someones smelly shoes and took me along. True friends...

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  1. Great buddies! I live in TN too.

    Not sure how I got to your blog now but so glad I did.
    I'll have to look into some of the books mentioned.


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