Monday, August 20, 2007

Off to College...

This weekend we moved our kids into their college dorms. We had a fun time sweating in the nearly 100 degree temps as we moved in bedding and refrigerators and computers and those stackable drawer thingies with the wheels that constantly fall off. Then we did the Target and Wal-Marts runs for things we'd forgotten or that they "needed" (need being a relative term).

But I must admit, as prepared as I thought I was for the empty nest...I'm feeling a tad bit blue this morning.

I've known this weekend was coming--I've been preparing for it for the last 18 and 20 years (our son's a freshman, our daughter's a junior). I've said I was looking forward to a quiet and CLEAN house. To not having to go shopping three times a week and to not cooking (sorry honey, but if you're reading this my cooking days are least until after this next deadline ).

But the house is so quiet. Even Jack is conked out at my feet, sleeping away. Oh wait, the grandfather clock just chimed, so there's something. But this is what all those years of parenting are for, right? So that when they're old enough to go, they know how to leave us. To live "without" us. I'm just surprised at how quickly all those years have flown. Ah well...I'll break out the baby albums later this afternoon, I'm sure. But for now...

I need to get to work. The first draft of From a Distance is due in two weeks and I have a ways to go yet. Oh wait---

My cell phone's ringing. It's my daughter!

We just spent the past fifteen minutes chatting. She called just to check in and to tell me how things are going. She's having fun, meeting people, and getting settled in. And yes! The topic of money did come up! LOL! And she gave me an update on her brother, saying that all is well. Maybe he'll text me later on...

I'm off to grab another Diet Dr. Pepper and one of those 100 calorie bags of popcorn. I've got a quiet house and the day before me to write.

Maybe having them off at college isn't so bad after all. ;)


  1. Oh, wow! This post captured SO WELL, that mix of sadness and relief and, dare I say, delight? at having kids leave home. Praying for you today as you adjust to that empty nest. Remember, one of the goals of motherhood is to put yourself out of a job. I'd say you've done a wonderful job! : )

  2. Thanks, friend. And I know YOU know of what you speak! ;)

  3. It is so much quieter around my house too (just during the day though) wanna go eat and gab at The Egg and I? How about shop Wal-Mart together? I am missing you a bunch!
    Enjoy the quiet...I am sure that they will come home often, if for nothing else, laundry and free food! LOL!
    Miss you bunches!

  4. "Maybe having them off at college isn't so bad after all." What? At least pretend like you miss me. Seriously. And where's my check? :) Tay-keer!

  5. Hey Tammy,

    I am so with you, girl. I understand completely what you are going through, only mine is off and married. Yikes! Oh to have her in college where she's close-by and comes home on weekends. Those were the days. :) Enjoy your time at home, and especially those times when they do stop by the house for laundry or food. Precious times. Love you, and SOOOOO love your main picture. Makes me want to go on vacation. :)

  6. Hey Suz, I'd LOVE to do Egg & I. All I'm doing right now is writing and I'm going a bit nuts! ;) Love and miss you too...

    Kels, dad has your check, babe. Buy groceries to your heart's content. Or well, until the money runs out. ;) So proud of you!
    P.S. Jack misses you. Dad and I said your name tonight and he looked up the staircase. Sob, sob...

    And Debbie, I can hardly believe your Sam is married. How time has flown. Looking forward to seeing you at ACFW in September.

    Hugs all!


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