Monday, October 22, 2007

Love historical research

I'm sitting here in my office about to dive back into the rewrites of From a Distance (my next book that releases next year) and I'm watching sheets of rain slide down the window panes--and am loving it. It's been so dry here in recent months and we need the moisture, plus days like this make great fodder for writing. All tucked inside and warm while the characters take on breath and lives of their own.

Before I take that dive though, I want to share some pics...

Last week I took a couple of days while my parents were visiting (my dad loves Civil War history too) and we toured the Carnton Plantation in Franklin. I'd been there before but was eager to go back and learn more about the Battle of Franklin (which is a defining moment in my hero's life in my upcoming book).

Here are some pictures from Carnton, along with the private cemetery that runs alongside the estate where 1,500 boys who fought in that bloody battle are buried. I say boys because most of them were no older than 16 to 18. Standing on the now tranquil field, it's hard to imagine that over 9,000 souls fought and died in the five terrible hours of battle that took place here--until you walk the graves. Then it becomes very real. And sobering.

If you ever have opportunity to visit Carnton, please do. It's a moving experience and a vivid reminder of what price so many in our past have paid--and in our present are paying--for our freedom.

Find out more about Carnton here.

Tomorrow I'll share some recent pics of family. But for now, back to writing...
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