Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Reader Mail and Time and God

It's such a pleasure hearing from readers and how they've connected with themes in my stories, or to a certain character's reaction to a situation, or maybe to the developing relationship between two characters. I'm amazed at how many times someone has gleaned something from what I've written and it's not what I'd been meaning to convey at all--and yet it works!

Just goes to show that God gives each of us what we need, when we need it, if we're making ourselves available to him. If we're keeping our eyes and hearts open, ready to listen. He's working in the details of our lives, ordering and preparing us to face what we can't even begin to guess at right now.

For me, I'm so thankful I can't see that far down the road of my life. And I'm extra grateful that he can. That he stands there at the end when I'll draw my last breath here, as well as still existing in the moment I took my first breath. God isn't limited by time or space as we know it. So he's already waiting for me ten years from now (if I live that long here) and yet he's here with me now preparing me for what he knows I'll be going through then.

Mind boggling for me, but not for him. And I'm so thankful...
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