Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Confessions of a closet dancer

I love Dancing with the Stars. Okay there, I said it! And aren't you relieved that it's me watching others dance and not me doing the dancing.) My sweet Mom got me started on Dancing with the Stars a few years ago. I actually made fun of the show the first season...until I watched it! I've been a fan ever since. Mom and I used to watch it "together" via phone. My husband, however, is not a fan, which of course encourages my daughter and me to sing the show's theme music every chance we get. :)

By chance did you catch Susan Boyle singing on last week's show? If you didn't, take three minutes to enjoy her gifted voice and the beautiful choreography!

Somedays are "dancing" days for me. Days when things go great and everything just seems to fit. My son had one of those days yesterday and called to share it with me (thanks, Kurt, love you buddy and really enjoyed that phone call). Then there are other days when dancing is the last thing on my mind.

I read from Streams in the Desert every morning and so does my dad. He and I talk several times a day now, and when we chatted last night, he shared part of yesterday's reading that was especially poignant for him. It was for me too. Here's a snippet:
When James and John came to Christ with their mother, asking Him to give them the best place in His kingdom, He did not refuse their request. He told them that the place would be given to them if they could do His work, drink His cup, and be baptized with His baptism. (See Mark 10:38)

Are we willing to compete for God's best, with the knowledge that the best things are always achieved by the most difficult paths? We must endure steep mountains, dense forests, and and the Enemy's chariots of iron, since hardship is the price of the victor's coronation. Arches of triumph are made not of rose blossoms and strands of silk but of hard blows and bloody scars. The very hardships you are enduring in your life today have been given to you by the Master, for the express purpose of enabling you to win your crown.

If you've not read Streams in the Desert (by L.B. Cowman), I encourage you to pick up a copy. I've read it several times through the years. It's a staple in my devotional library that I keep returning to.

Here's wishing you a dancing day today. But if it's not, remember that those life bumps are there for a reason, and God won't waste a single one. And ah...for you Twilight fans out there, I already have my ticket for New Moon this Friday. Can't wait! Wish we could go together!

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