Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shrinking Violets and Mystery Glass

I'm loving the house we're in and am enjoying getting settled, finding places for everything. We still have lots of boxes to go through in the garage but at least the house itself is somewhat organized and functional now. Even though a piece of furniture or a vase or a picture may be years old, changing its location gives it a new feel. Wish I could say the same for me. I've got to get back into my exercise routine. I miss those endorphins! Not to mention the calories burned in the process of getting them...

Some of the items I'm treasuring and finding new places for belonged to Mom. Pictured above is a little silver salt and pepper shaker set she kept by her stove. It's now by mine. Pictured to the left is a glass that belonged to my maternal grandmother. I want to call it Depression glass but I don't think that's right. Depression glass is green, right? Help me out, anyone who knows about these dishes. I love history but have never learned much about antique glassware.

Next is a little ceramic piece I painted when I was about nine or ten. It's of Duchie (Duchess), our little Manchester Terrier we had at the time. Below is a picture of Mom's African Violet that has not fared well in recent months. :(  It's been neglected, I'm afraid, but I'm trying to revive it. I repotted it with African Violet potting soil and in a container that "soaks up" the water (the tag on the pot said it was great for violets?), so I'm  hoping it comes back. If you're an African Violet expert, I'd welcome your advice. Its leaves are curling and it looks sickly. (Beside it in the picture is a framed photograph that Mom kept by her sink of her four grandchildren when they were little).

Being born and raised in Atlanta, GA (the Tucker/Stone Mountain area specifically), I have a deep love and appreciation for the South and its history. And though I've really enjoyed setting my stories in Colorado up to now (having lived there for seventeen years), I'm finding a fresh excitement for writing as I begin my new Southern series this week and delve into the history I grew up loving so much. These characters have been whispering to me for months, and getting to know them better is pure joy! It's like meeting a dear old friend that you haven't met yet, if that makes any sense.

Several of you have asked about Jack and how he managed during the move. He's doing great! None the worse for wear. He has "his window" in my office just as he did in our previous house, so he's able to sit and watch the world go by. I'd opened the window the other day to let the cool morning air in, and a foraging squirrel dared to cross the lawn. I thought Jack was going to go through the screen! Squirrels are his passion, though I'm not sure he'd know what to do with one if he caught it. It would probably kill him.

I'm off to continue reading/proofing Within My Heart. My last time to see it before it goes to galleys. Joe's reading it now too. He gave me a thumbs up last night and smiled and said, "It's a Tamera book!" I hope that's a good sign...


  1. That's sweet Tamera. :) So glad you are settling in.

  2. Tamera, the glass you have pictured is Carnival Glass which is much older than Depression Glass normally (and Depression Glass can be green but also pink, yellow, blue, red, clear, amber and on and on. )

    That glass is gorgeous. I'm drooling. LOL
    Beth Cherkowsky

  3. Thanks, Casey. And thanks also, Beth. Carnival Glass! Who knew... Now I want to learn more about it! and if it's old enough, it's going in my next book! LOL!

  4. That Jack looks like a sweetheart. I'm glad he's adjusting. My dog Linus, a corgi mix, has a t-shirt that says, "Squirrels can't be trusted."

    God bless!

  5. My friend and I have just become hooked on your books and are ready for the third to be released in the Timber Ridge Reflections series! As I was finishing Beyond This Moment, I was reading your thank yous and noticed you mention GAC and David Fincher. My mom and David were rookie teachers together at GAC and he and my dad were best friends at Harding. Small world!!!! I can't wait to keep up with you with your blog and read more of your GREAT books!

  6. LOL, Shmologna, love what that t-shirt says!

    And Becky, bless you friend! What an encouragement you are, and so cool to learn about our connection. I tell ya...I'm amazed at how God is so active in the details of our lives. How he crosses our paths with each other. Please give your Mom a hug for me. I'm betting I know/knew her too. ?? What was she teaching at GACS?


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