Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Girl Time

I'm just back from some fabulous girl time, which means I'm rejuvenated and pumped up, but not at all rested. Serious girl time is hard work, ya know!

I've returned from an annual writers retreat that I treasure and look forward to all year long, only to have our days together pass far too quickly. 

Here's Robin Lee Hatcher on her scooter (since she broke her ankle recently), and she's wearing a hat (which she wears so well).

Me hugging on Sharon Dunn, with Sunni Jeffers in the background doing who knows what...

A great shot of Francine Rivers (lovely in purple) and Janet Ulbright (one of my fun and witty walking buddies while there).

Gayle DeSalles shared bits of wisdom from God's Word with us about "clearing the land." Gayle's a treasure and always has a smile at the ready.

Francine sitting beside Brandilyn Collins, catching a laugh, something we did a lot of this past weekend.

The fabulous Karen Ball setting us straight on something, or trying. What a fun and talented lady Karen is. But please, oh please, don't tell her I said that! I have a reputation to uphold with that woman.

Brandilyn Collins and her precious Mama Ruth. Mama Ruth and I flew out together from Nashville last week, and I loved traveling with her. You won't find a better travel buddy. Love you, Mama Ruth!

And lastly, me again with Robin. How fun it was to room with her and see her pretty smile. I always enjoy our late night chats. And you should see her getting around on that scooter. Amazing!

These dear ladies helped me brainstorm my next two books in the series I'm currently writing, and wow! are they ever talented. They gave me such wonderful ideas and really helped to flesh out the stories. Now I can't wait to write them. Robin had an especially great idea for a character in the third book, but shhhhh....we'll keep that under wraps for now. Thanks, Robin!

Especially grateful for girl time, and all my sisters. You included...

Group pic, with the lake behind us, and Robin on her scooter! 
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