Monday, September 6, 2010

Fun time in Roanoke

I had a great time with a group of gals from Roanoke, VA last week and want to thank them again for inviting me to "virtually attend" their book club meeting. 

(L to R on sofa) Tina Palmer, Karen Palmer.
Standing (L to R) is Nellie Smith, Joy Freeman, Tara Smith.

Thanks, ladies, for choosing to read The Inheritance. I loved what you shared about your reading experiences and about who Wyatt Caradon reminded you of (Tom Selleck, your ears should've been burning). Tina, I hope you enjoy From a Distance

For more information on having me join your group for a Virtual Book Club Meeting, please contact me through my website.


  1. Thanks for the recommendation for the cookbook... I'm always looking for a good one :-)

    Oh, and I started reading the Inheritance this weekend. I could barely put it down.

  2. Hope you enjoy TI, Megan. And the cookbook's a great one!

  3. Tamera, I just finished reading The Inheritance. What a great book and great writing. I enjoyed it so much and funny thing....I had Tom Sellek in my mind the whole time too! I will do a review on my blog if that's ok.


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