Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Animals Among Us

In my post last week over at Writes of Passage, Judy Miller asked about the elephant and giraffe that had somehow sneaked their way into one of the pictures of fall around our house. I told her I'd share about them this week, along with some of the other animals lurking around our home, tucked beneath plants and window sills and tables, and nestled on hearths.

"Raffy," the giraffe (I know…how very original) was Mom's. She bought him to match her sofa, which we lovingly nicknamed her "Safari Sofa." And with good reason...
I hope you can see the print but in case you can't, it's got elephants and cheetahs and a bird that (I think) is a toucan (?).  Mom assured me that there was a giraffe somewhere in there, but as of yet I haven't found him. Maybe he's hiding beneath a cushion. And yes, I inherited the Safari Sofa and love it! It's what I cozy up in when watching Dancing with the Stars (speaking of...did anyone see that last night? Loved it! And sure hope Bristol stays! I used all my votes on that girl!).

Here's a statue of Jack that Mom got me when Jack first came to live with us. He was so tiny, about this size!

Next is our elephant, Granby. Joe and the kids and I found Granby years back when we were vacationing in Grand Lake, Colorado (near another town named Granby). Then there's Diego, who we adopted while at Sea World in San Diego. Next is a fun little black bear we found foraging in the woods while we hiked the Rocky Mtns in Breckenridge, CO, again many years ago. His name, as I'm sure you can guess by now, is Brecken. Then there's a mouse we picked up at some really fun place in Orlando. Can't remember the name of the amusement park, but we decided to call the mouse Mickey.

Next is ceramic dog I painted when I was...oh gracious...probably nine or ten years old (so yes, Judy, it's an antique). It's fashioned after Duchess, our sweet little Manchester Terrier we had as I was growing up. Next is an elephant from Jerusalem from Mom and Dad's travels. And lastly is a Lion and a Lamb I picked up some time back. 

I know the exact phrase "and a Lion will lie down with a Lamb" isn't in the Bible (though variations of those animals, along with others, are found in verses in Isaiah), but I love the peace that this little pair represents. The peace we have in Christ, and the peace that awaits us in our forever home.

When I glance at these animals, I think of people I love and fun times we shared, and of great memories like drinking from punch bowls and "buzzing" opponents while playing Taboo, laughing so hard we cried, and those are bits and pieces of this life I'll carry inside me forever.

So, do you have any critters around your house? Any little friends or statues or such that remind you of how very blessed you are?

And one final picture... Will the real Jack Alexander please stand up? 

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