Monday, April 18, 2011

When chocolate speaks (and hugs)

I reached for my Dove Dark Chocolate Promise a little early today and got an extra special treat. I got a reminder of my precious Mom. This was one of her favorite sayings. She had it on a plaque in her kitchen (that nows hangs in Dad's "home" downstairs)…

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for reminders that while this fleeting life has its share of pain and loss, it also has so many precious treasures and blessings. Some of those blessings go on ahead of us and wait, even now, for us to join them at Home. Thank you for the certainty of an eternity with You, Lord, and with loved ones who make all the difference in this journey here.

And now, back to final rewrites on A Lasting Impression. I hope you dear readers are ready for a full story, because this one's chocked full of history and romance, all laced with magnolias and Southern charm. Or at least that's my goal. LOL!


  1. I love how the Lord gives us those special moments to remind us that He knows all about us...our thoughts, dreams, wishes, and secret desires. It's so sweet when something crosses our path like that to encourage us! God is so good!
    I can just smell the magnolia blossoms! It's one of my favorite smells. Brings back some good memories, too. Can't wait to imagine them when I'm reading your story! God bless!

  2. I am looking forward to the Magnolias and Southern charm! :) I hope the rewrites continue going well(make sure to rest too).

  3. I love that scent too, Stacey. And thanks for the encouragement, freddikb! Can't wait to be done!

  4. I love how the Lord gives us special little reminders like that! Your prayer was so sweet, Tammy...thank you for sharing this post. (And I CANNOT WAIT for this newest book!!!).
    Hugs, Patti Jo


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