Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another one graduated!

Woohoo!! Our son graduated with honors from Belmont University on Saturday and we couldn't be more proud! Had a wonderful day yesterday, then had his reception and party at the house today.  More fun! Here are some family pics following graduation…

Our family

Our kids

Our kids again, doing what…I'm not exactly sure

Proud parents with the graduate!

Our family and my sweet Dad

And the newly graduated son!

Whew! Two kids graduated from college. Doesn't seem possible. Where did the time go? And now some quick pics of earlier years…

Kurt with Claudette (his sweet Gran, and my sweet mother-in-law) when they were at Bear Lake in Colorado in 1992. Claudette passed in 1995 very suddenly from a brain aneurysm, and we still miss her.

Kurt and Kelsey with my parents, Doug and June, at that same lake. We loved our trips to those gorgeous Rocky Mountains. Now Mom is Home too. What treasures heaven holds!

Blessings on your week and to all of you who have kids graduating too!
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