Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sprinting and some favorites

I'm still sprinting my way toward "The End" on rewrites of my next book, and I'm keeping some pretty late hours. I don't know why but I write best (and by that I mean I'm my most productive) between the hours of 10PM and 2AM. Maybe that's because those are the hours during which I first started writing.

I was working outside the home at the time, so I'd put the kids to bed and then write from ten to two, crash for a few hours, get up, and start all over again. Anyway… Night before last, I wrote until almost four o'clock then fell into bed. Then was promptly awakened a little after seven by this:

Sort of cute, but also a little disturbing. He was just sitting there, staring, waiting, wanting his kong.

During these long bouts of writing I take occasional breaks to fill myself back up. Those breaks include caffeine and sometimes a quick scene from a favorite movie or TV show, or a favorite song. I put my headphones on and crank up that volume, and oh…it's like a mini concert. Mandisa stopped by the other night to give me one such concert.

Listen as Mandisa describes the story behind The Truth About Me, a fabulous song on her recently released album (every song is a winner!):

I went for three mile walk the other night and actually kept going for another half mile just so I could listen to Stronger and These Days (two other songs on that same album) again. It's been a long time since I've downloaded an album that's blessed me so much.

I mentioned I watch quick snippets from favorite movies or TV shows. I love watching "reveal" scenes where a truth is finally being unearthed. I study the expressions, the non-verbal cues, the emotions that are conveyed without a single word. And the dialogue in the following scenes––fabulous! Pointed, curt, painfully honest, "custom" to the language of that relationship. Here are a couple of my favorite scenes:

From Pride and Prejudice (the Colin Firth version, of course)

What are some of your favorite scenes from movies or a recent favorite song? Tomorrow night around 2:37AM, I'll need a break. So 'fess up!


And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Robin Lee Hatcher today!

Robin, blessings on your day, dear friend! 


  1. Love your posts and photos. I'm also a late night person. I love to read and I am counting the days until 'A Lasting Impression' releases!!


  2. Are we long lost sisters?! In the least we must be kindred spirits. : ) I LOVE that version of Pride and Prejudice...I think I've watched it a hundred times! Back in my single days, my roommate and I would pick a VHS tape of it (there were six in the whole series) and just watch one--when they meet at Pemberly, the proposal, etc. I also love that Sense and Sensibility. Emma Thompson is so good! I did a post like this a while back with favorite movie clips/songs http://thedanielsgreatadventure.blogspot.com/2011/01/you-tubin.html
    I'm a night owl,too! Always have been : ). My mom, sister, grandmother and I all are...I'm convinced it must be genetic! Happy writing! I'll say a little prayer for you in the a.m.'s tonight : )

  3. I love, love, Love those movies. Jane Austen did something quite amazing when she shared those stories with the world. You made my work day having those clips on. It made me want to leave work, go home, and do a Jane Austen marathon. I must put that in my schedule asap now :)....Have you ever seen Persuasion? P&P was my #1 Jane movie, until I saw Persuasion. Now it shares that spot with Persuasion. The Sally Hawkins version from Massterpiece Theater is amazing. The scene when Capt Wentworth sees Anne for the first time in 7 years, I think my heart stopped beating when I saw his expression the first time. And the letter he writes to her....Wow. So I highly recommend that movie for a late night/early morning break. I am also a night owl, and find the wee small hours of the morning are when I get the best use of my imagination, or my imagination gets the best use out of me :) Enjoy your night, happy writing!


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