Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Ma'am, would you step to the side?"

That's what I heard recently as my daughter and I went through airport security on our way to NYC. Then a kind and mannerly TSA screener escorted me to the dreaded glass booth where she instructed me to step on the rubber mat and put my feet exactly on the printed footprints.

Meanwhile, Kelsey was snapping pictures with her camera, laughing hysterically and loving every minute of it!

No matter what it looks like, I wasn't praising and singing hallelujah in that moment. But I was laughing like crazy this past weekend when––at an annual brainstorming retreat––a sweet friend gave me a special gift that she and her daughter had made "commemorating" that public pat down. Someone snapped some pictures right after she gave it to me (click on the pic to make it larger, then arrow back to return to this page)...

If you can't read it, it says, "I got to second base with a TSA screener." LOL! Oh gracious, we laughed and laughed. And of course I wore the shirt this past weekend as we brainstormed each others books, which was such fun! We took walks every day (to help walk off the Chocolate Rolo Cake and Chocolate Chip Cookies). Below, Karen Ball is giving me "a hug" as we ventured out one afternoon. At least a "hug" is what she called it...

But now, it's back home and back to work. My galleys for A Lasting Impression were waiting for me when I returned last evening so I'm diving into those––after meeting a friend (who I haven't seen since college days) for a quick tour of the Belmont Mansion this morning followed by brunch. Not to worry, I'm takin' my camera.

It's wonderful to be home but oh...what a precious time of fellowship with my writing sisters this past weekend. And that shirt...what a kick!

For more pics, click here.
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