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Passing this along from Bethany House Publishers

The following is an opportunity for readers to review books from Bethany House Publishers. If you're interested in reviewing any of the books below, go here first:

Input your information, then wait for your email to come! Be sure and check all the genres/categories you want on that form (that the above link takes you to). 

It may take some time, but you'll receive an email similar to the one below where you can choose to review new releases (both fiction and non-fiction).

Historical Fiction Available for Review

Hello! Welcome to the latest Bethany House Book Reviewers Update--Historical Fiction Edition. In this list, we've got exciting new stories of romance and adventure from Beverly Lewis, debut author Anne Mateer, Jody Hedlund, Tracie Peterson, Judith Miller, and Kim Vogel Sawyer.

We only have limited quantities of each title, so only one book will be available to each reviewer. Please don't select multiple books--we can only send you one book per list! 

As usual, to request a review copy, just click the link under each book's description and we'll have a copy sent out to you (this can take up to 3-4 weeks). Post a review on your website and on a retailer's site (Amazon,, etc.), and email me to let us know about it! We'd appreciate it if you could post your review within a month of receipt of the book.

To avoid any conflicts of interest, be sure to note in your review that you recieved a free copy from us. I hope you enjoy the new releases!

Note: We can only send books to reviewers in the US and Canada. Requests will be accepted through September 13. Books will be mailed after this date.

Also - Help spread the word about this program! If you know anyone who would be interested in signing up to receive review copies of our books, direct them to!

The Mercy
 by Beverly Lewis

The Rose Trilogy #3

In this stirring conclusion, romance, mystery, and family drama intertwine deep in the heart of Lancaster County's Amish countryTwo Amish sisters yearning for new beginnings.Hen cares for her injured husband, uncertain what the future holds.Rose welcomes a second chance at love when she least expects it. Is she finally able to give her whole heart?
The Mercy

Wings of a DreamWings of a Dream by Anne Mateer
Rebekah Hendricks dreams of a life far beyond her family's farm in Oklahoma.While she waits for the end of the Great War, Rebekah seizes the opportunity to travel to Texas to care for Aunt Adabelle, sure that her glamorous and exciting life is about to start.But the Spanish flu epidemic changes Rebekah discovers she must choose between her desire to escape the type of life she's always led and the unexpected love that just might change the dream of her heart.

The Doctor's Lady by Jody Hedlund
Priscilla White feels called to India. Dr. Eli Ernest is back from Oregon Country only long enough to raise awareness of missions to the natives there. But then Priscilla and Eli both receive news from the mission board: No longer will they send unmarried men and women into the field. Left scrambling for options, Priscilla and Eli agree to a partnership. But can it survive the hardships of journeying west?

The Doctor's Lady

To Have and to HoldTo Have and to Hold by Tracie Peterson
and Judith Miller

Bridal Veil Island

When Audrey Cunningham moved with her father to his ancestral home on Bridal Veil Island, Georgia, she hoped the beauty and remoteness of the place would keep him sober and close to God. But now wealthy investors are buying up land to build a grand resort on the secluded island--and they want the Cunninghams' property. And then Marshall Graham appears, a man associated with her father's drunken past. Can Audrey's hopes survive?

A Whisper of Peace by Kim Vogel Sawyer
Clay Selby arrives in Alaska to set up a church and school among the natives. He is totally focused on this goal . . . until he meets a young, independent woman with the most striking blue eyes he’s ever seen. Yet, when he realizes befriending her might have dire consequences for his mission, can he ignore the stirrings of his heart?

A Whisper of Peace

Remember, go to the link at the beginning and fill out your info first, then wait for your personal email with the review information to arrive! It may be that all slots for the above books have been filled. If that's the case, then you'll be signed up and ready to go for the next round.

Have fun reading, and sorry for any confusion. Let me know if you have questions!
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