Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bottoms up!

Look at what arrived in the mail yesterday from a sweet, sweet friend! Oh my goodness!

I just love wine glasses (never mind that I'm not that crazy about wine, go figure) and drink from them all day long. Sweet Southern Iced Tea never tasted so good as it does in a fancy wine glass. I say every day is a celebration so break out the fancy stuff and enjoy!

Within five minutes, I had those pretty little puppies washed and was sipping from one at my desk. So thank you, thank you, thank you to my sweet but also sometimes wonderfully snarky and always cantankerously beautiful friend (and author) Judy Miller. 

Here's sweet Judy

She visited me earlier this year and we ran around Nashville touring antebellum mansions and eating our way through mounds of comfort food and Sweet CeCe's frozen yogurt and Loveless Cafe's biscuits and cobblers. This woman got me into some serious trouble that weekend, but what fun she is! And ever so sweet too. 

Thank you, Judy. Love you, friend. Your gift arrived at just the right time too. Not an hour before the mailman knocked on my door, I had heard the song Christmas in Dixie (Mom's favorite) and was missing Mom so much. And then this hug from heaven...and from you arrived. So timely. And so appreciated. As are you!


  1. How sweet! She sounds like a keeper! :-)

  2. What fun! Surprises are the best.

  3. She is, Casey. And they are, Linda!

  4. I love surprises, too! They're the best. So are great friends. For me, one of my greatest joys is having friends who know me well. It's almost like they sense when you need that little pick me up or a special something to brighten your day. It's neat to think that God is our friend in Heaven and he inspires our earthly friends to minister to us in such a special ways! I love your comments on using the wine glasses for your favorite drink. Fun! : ) I need to do that sometime. When we got married I registered for crystal and got one glass! lol I just let it sit in my china cabinet. I need to get that glass out and use it! : ) God bless~Stacey

  5. Good grief--who is that old woman in the picture with you!

  6. LOL, Judy! And here I am thinking how GOOD you looked and how TIRED I looked!

    Stacey, break out those goblets, babe! I'm raising mine in a salute! Or cheers, or whatever.... : )

  7. Hey Tammy! Even though I posted on your Wr. of Pass. blog, I couldn't resist commenting on here too (those goblets are beautiful--just like precious Judy). ~ When I read that Christmas in Dixie was your sweet Mom's favorite it made me smile....my Daddy LOVED that song, and every year on Christmas night (at our usual family get-together) my sisters, Mama, and I would gather and "sing along" with Alabama---Daddy got such a kick out of that (even though we'd be giggling so hard we could barely sing). So recently when that song came on my car radio, I got teary (thankfully I'd just pulled into my driveway--whew!). It's amazing how music can evoke such emotions. ~ Thanks for sharing this post ~ Hugs, Patti Jo :)


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