Friday, December 2, 2011

Burning brightly once again

As most of you may know, my precious mom went Home in August 2009 after a brief battle with gallbladder cancer. God blessed us with some amazing last days here together that I treasure and that I'll always carry with me.

My mom gave me her wedding ring before she passed, and that's something I wear everyday, and that I look at often as I remember her. Something else that I got when Mom passed was a Bundt cake candle. What is that, you say? It's exactly what it sounds like. A candle shaped like big Bundt cake, LOL. See?

Mom kept it on her sideboard in the dining room on a pretty white cake plate (which was "so Mom") and would burn it on special occasions. Well, in the past two years since Mom's been gone, I've burned that candle down to the nubs, loving the smell and thinking of her each time I lit it.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided I needed to throw it away. There was no use in keeping it anymore. But...I couldn't do it. I started crying there by the trash can and so I put it back on the cake plate and back on the sideboard. Then I started thinking…

I had no idea where Mom got that candle but I know Google, so I got on the internet and googled "Bundt Cake Candle" and found a company that made them. Ordered one that was similar to Mom's and it just came! Isn't it pretty?

And––I love this––as it turns out, it's the same company that made Mom's. (If only I'd turned the original candle upside down and peeled off the lace doily that Mom had put on the bottom that had stuck to the candle over time, I would've seen that. Duh!) But I love that little "happenstance."

I lit the candle for the first time yesterday and it's burning brightly as we speak....

I wish I could say that I threw away the old one, but...I'm not quite ready to do that just yet. I wrapped it in foil and stuck it in my hutch. Someday it'll be the right time. But not yet. And that's all right. Because I'm burning brightly again and the aroma of precious memories of a precious mom are filling my house. And my heart. 

Blessings on your weekend,

P.S. I found the package of doilies in Mom's hutch after she passed, so I have a supply of those for many Bundt Cake Candles to come! Thanks, Mom.
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