Friday, December 9, 2011

Time to head home

As I mentioned on Monday, I've been "tucked away" all week long writing, writing, writing and have had a very productive week. I actually managed to get away this time, and Joe came along with me. It's been a definite working/writing getaway, but we've also managed to sneak in some fun during the past few days. Now it's time to head home, though, and as great as this has been, we're both ready for our own bed––and home.

If you've been reading this blog for a while, let me first say, thank you! And secondly, you may remember that Hilton Head was a favorite vacation spot for my parents when my mom was alive. Well, that's where Joe and I have been all week (interspersed are pics from our week), and it's my first time to come back here since our last visit in December of 2009.

After Mom passed away in August of that same year ('09), the entire family (my crew, Dad and my brother, Doug, and his family), the whole gang, decided to come here for Christmas that year, knowing Mom would have wanted us to keep up the tradition. But it was so hard...and we ended up leaving after about three days and haven't been back since. But knowing I needed some focused writing time (and in part to celebrate Joe's and my upcoming 27th Wedding Anniversary on the 15th), we decided to come here. And I'm glad we did!

I wasn't sure how it would be, being back here again where we shared so many great memories with Mom, but it's been a wonderful week. We've enjoyed lovely weather and walks on the beach. We've ridden bikes on the beach and around town too. And I've had some great writing time. So it's been a very successful and enjoyable week.

I love watching the birds on the beach. So cute!

But I can hardly wait to get home to my kids, and to Jack! Here's a pic of "Jack being sad because his 'mommy' is gone" that Kurt sent us earlier in the week. LOL! Believe me, as long as Jack gets his Kong with his treats, I guarantee you I'm not being missed overmuch.

It's time to pack up and head home! I'd appreciate prayers for safe travel, and for Joe not to strangle me when I ask him to stop through Starbucks on our way out of town. I'm craving some of Southern Plate's Cold Brewed Coffee but since I can't have that, Starbucks will have to do! 

Blessings this Friday,

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