Friday, January 6, 2012

Fostering International Relations

I had the pleasure of meeting Carine Bijl, a lovely Netherlands reader, last evening, and we had a wonderful time chatting about life, faith, and writing. Carine has been in Nashville for almost a year serving as a nanny for a couple with two children, and leaves next week to return home to the Netherlands.

We met at J. Alexanders in Cool Springs and enjoyed dinner followed by J. Alexanders' absolutely scrumptious Carrot Cake served warm with cream cheese icing. Oh so good!

 Carine had never tasted Carrot Cake before (and was slightly skeptical at carrots baked into a cake, do you blame her?), so I considered it my duty as a Southern American to introduce her to this yummy delight. I know, I know, the lengths I'll go for international diplomacy. : )

Here's the cover of Diep in Mijn Hart  (Within My Heart, Timber Ridge Reflections, Book 3) that recently released in the Netherlands. In Dutch, of course. I'm honored that they publish my books there, and even more...that readers are reading. Thank you, my dear Dutch friends! And thanks, Carine, for a fun evening. Blessings, girl!

And to leave you with a smile this morning, here's a cute video about Ormie, a pig, that a writing buddy shared with me earlier this week. I'll be interested to see what your reaction is to the end. I saw it and actually went "Aw..." But maybe that's because I love cookies so much! 

Blessings friends, and now back to finishing this next first draft. 



  1. Wasn't even trying and I said "awww!!" as well! Poor guy! Loved it! Thanks for sharing :-)

    And great work fostering those international relations! Did Carine enjoy the carrot cake?

  2. Mmmmm...carrot cake. Delish! I'll bet that's really neat to see your books in other languages. Sounds like a fun girl's night! : )

  3. Awesome! And get this...the Sweet CeCe's near us in Mt. Juliet has closed! :-( However, a Yo So Delicious has opened up, also in Mt. Juliet. Erik and I gave it a try tonight...and it's definitely Delish!!

  4. It sure is, Stacey! A real blessing.

    And oh no, Catherine! Sorry on the closing. But yum on the other. We love our froyo!

  5. Aww, poor Ormie! LOL So clever! I haven't had carrot cake in years! But for some reason it made me think of the Italian Cream Cake we had at our wedding cake. My sisters-in-law were serving it, and they had to take turns wielding the knife. It was sooo dense, they had marks on their hands from trying to cut through it. It was so, so good!


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