Friday, January 20, 2012

Time for a Giveaway!

Today I'm giving away a copy of Mary Connealy's rollickin' new release...
 IN TOO DEEP! What a fun story!

Here's a quick peek:

In 1866 Colorado, Ethan Kincaid agrees to a marriage of convenience with the same casual disregard he gives every decision. Audra Gilliland, young mother of two, accepts his proposal because she wants to stop being a burden to her newly married stepdaughter.

And suddenly both of them are in far deeper than they'd planned.

Ethan doesn't expect Audra to affect him so profoundly, and when she begins to, he's terrified of the pain he's felt before when someone he loved was seriously injured on his watch. He's determined that his new wife will do as he says so he can keep her safe from the dangers that lurk on their ranch.

Audra has been cared for all her life by one man or another--and they've done a poor job of it. Now she's planning to stand up for herself. And her new husband had better agree or get out of her way! 

What will it take to transform two wayward hearts fearful of getting in too deep into two trusting hearts ready to risk falling deeply in love?

If you're interested in winning, just leave a comment below indicating that. I'll choose a name on Sunday night at 9PM Central and post the name of the winner on Monday! Easy schmeezy!

And just for fun––if you're not already watching Downton Abbey, you should be. I'm in serious series love with this show. Just found out about it a few days ago and am using it as my reward as I exercise, and I'm tellin' ya, the time on the elliptical is flying by! Love it! Maggie Smith's character, Violet, is superb. Beyond fabulous...

Are you already watching Downton Abbey? If yes, let me know. But please don't give any spoilers for us late bloomers working to catch up!



  1. Hey Tammy! I am planning on trying to get into Downton Abbey...just have to find the time! :-) Obviously, the book-lover that I am would love chance to get Mary's new book. Please enter me into the drawing. :-) God bless you as you write!

  2. I have watched Downton Abby from the start! Great show and to think Jullian Fellows wrote it with Maggie Smith in mind! My mom and I talk to each other after every episode. I'm glad you found are so many others this year!

  3. Tammy, thanks for the info on Downtown Abbey on PBS. I'll try to catch it. I'd love to win Mary's book.

  4. I would love to win this book. Also, I have never watched Downtown Abbey, never had heard of it till recently.

  5. I NEED a Mary Connealy book today! She always manages to make me laugh and cry at the same time...thanks for putting me in the drawing.

    I've never seen Downton Abbey, but I'm carving out time to watch the series from the beginning on Netflix. Television time is my cross stitch time, and I'm looking forward to some enjoyable evenings!

  6. Love Mary Connealy books almost as much as yours. (Never hurts to butter up the judge) I need a break from reality for a little while and think a Mary Connealy book would do the trick. Thanks!

  7. Hey...if we're buttering up the judge...Tammy, name your dessert! I'll make it and bring it by!! Lol!

  8. I would love to have a chance to win a copy of Mary's new book. I love her books and enjoy reading her books. I haven't seen Downton Abby yet just starting to get into it.

  9. I LOVE Mary Connealy and have all her books. I own all yours, too!
    I have this book on my list of books to buy, but I'd love to win a copy. Funny thing is, the guy on the cover looks exactly like our vet, whose name, by the way, is Dr. Love! What a hoot!
    Susan Snodgrass

  10. Hannah Jones1/20/2012 9:54 AM

    Hey Tamera! I would love the chance to win a copy of Mary Connealy's book!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  11. Tammy, thanks for the info on Downtown Abbey on PBS. I'll try to catch it. I'd love to win Mary's book.

  12. I would love to win this book! I have been waiting for it to come out and would love to win it! Thanks!

  13. I would love to win Mary's new book. I REALLY want to watch Downton Abby but I have to stagger them so my husband isn't watching all chick flicks. lol

  14. I would love to read Mary's book. I too know a bit about trying to be independent. I have learned some valuable lessons in that area.
    I have never heard of Downton Abbey but will look into it.
    Thanks, Tamera

  15. I love your books and I am also a huge fan of Mary Connealy and would love, love, love a chance to win her latest book. Tonja

  16. Mary's a GREAT writer! And just as fun in person as she is in her books! LOL at the the "Dr. Love, the vet" comment, Susan!

    Off to write. I'm finishing my next book that will be out this fall. We're close to having a final cover and as soon as I get the "go ahead," I'll share it here! Excited to share another story with y'all!

  17. This sounds like a great book!!!!

  18. I would love to win. I have heard a lot of good things about Downtown Abby but haven't found it on TV yet.

  19. A friend of mine told me about Downton Abbey(she is addicted to it), because I love the period dramas-Jane Austen, BBC's North and South....So I checked it out, and I am now addicted. Unfortunately, I do not get that particular PBS station, so I have to wait until after the show Sunday to watch it when they put it on their website. Sundays have become a late night for me, but oh so worth it :)

    I always would like to let you know that I just finished A Lasting Impression and Loved it! Thank you for a great story, and I can hardly wait for your next one!

  20. Sounds like an Excellent Book, and a Fabulous Show!! Looking forward to reviewing both. Another Fun Giveaway, Thank You!!

  21. Would love to win her new book!

  22. Wow, so many nice comments. Thank you ALL!!!!!!!!

    I've never watched Downtown Abbey but I am not a big TV watcher but I am HOOKED on Person of Interest.

    I started watching it because it's star is Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus in Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ. And I'm always rooting for Jim to do well after playing such a powerful, typecasting role.

    But now I'm watching the show for itself. Great concept about the government watching us ALL. Very paranoid in a fun way.

    I like the show enough I actually REMEMBER WHEN IT'S ON. That's how hooked I am.

  23. Sounds like a great book..please enter me in the

  24. When my authors copies show up I always sit down and read through the book as soon as possible.

    I sincerely think if I am NOT entertaining myself then I am doing something wrong, because I love re-reading beloved books and if I can't re-read my own I need to raise my game.

    Well, seriously, I loved In Too Deep. I just stayed up way too late finishing it.

    I'm not sure if a regular reader will feel the same as they're reading but I just kept thinking (because I knew what was coming) "Oh, I love this next scene!"
    And kept reading and reading and reading.

  25. I read the first book in this series and have been waiting for this one so I would love the chance to win it.


  26. Samantha Kuiper1/20/2012 1:02 PM

    I have read the first book of the series and I would to have a chance at winning this book. The first book In Too Deep was a wonderful read.
    I have not watched Downtown Abbey but I'm hoping to get hold of season one because I hear that it's really good.

  27. Sounds like a great read. :-)

  28. Linda Gordon1/20/2012 1:22 PM

    Hello Tammy,

    I would love to win a copy of Mary's new book. New, used, any book written by either of you, it would be great to win.

  29. If In Too Deep is anything like Out of Control, I will be first in line at the bookstore, I LOVE Mary's books! Oh yeah, and Tammy's too of course

  30. Thanks for sharing and the chance to get one of Mary's books, like this story idea of two getting married to help one another, do ya suppose they will find love along the way??
    I watch the PBS shows but have not seen this one.
    Paula O(

  31. Fabulous sneak peek for In Too Deep!! Would LOVE to win it!

    I've heard of Downtown Abbey, but wasn't sure what it was about. I'll definitely check it out. I do love a good historical series. :)


  32. I've not watched Downtown Abbey, but the little in this trailer reminds me of Driving Miss Daisy. Poignant conversations just at the right time. I'll have to check it out.

    As for In Too Deep, no one can get enough of Mary Connealy. Please enter me.

    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  33. Oh, yes! Downton Abbey is amazing!

    And so excited for Mary's new book, sounds like another great one :)


    crazi.swans at gmail dot com

  34. I would love, love, love to win In Too deep! Thanks for a chance.

  35. Oh, count me in for the drawing. I've been waiting to find out what happens to Ethan and Audra since I read Out of Control six months ago.

    Tammy, I tried Downton Abbey, watched a few episodes, and then fell away from it. I'm with Mary in not watching much TV.

    And Mary, really? You read your books right away? I've already decided I won't be able to look at mine. I'll probably pat the cover and say "that's nice" and never peek inside for fear I'll find something I hate or that didn't come across the way I intended.

  36. Thank you for this opportunity to win a book! Count me in! I have never heard of Down Town Abbey. When does it come on? And what time? It's so hard to find time to watch anything since I hardly ever sit.

  37. I would love to be included. I have never heard of Down Town Abbey

  38. Sounds like a wonderful book! I would love to win it.

  39. Mary Connealy is one of my very favorite authors. She has such "swoon-worthy" heroes. Her books keep me laughing and turning the pages as quickly as I can read so I can find out how her characters will get out of the mess they got into.
    I enjoyed "Out of Control" and am looking forward to reading "In Too Deep." I'd be extremely happy to win a copy here! Thanks.

  40. Can't wait to read In Too Deep! Maybe I'll get lucky and win!

  41. Ah Naomi, let me tell you about a mistake I found in one of my books.

    Okay, first I'll say...I wrote the book, right?
    Then I revised the book.
    Then, because this is a fairly complicated scene, I revised again and again. When there's a lot of comedy I need to take several passes through, like five...or ten. So I revised multiple times.
    Then I sent the book off to my editor ... a college history professor ... and edited it and sent it back.
    Then I read his revisions and fixed everything and sent it BACK, then he sent it into the publisher.
    Then I went over the galley one final time.

    I'm just making the point that I went over this thing a LOT of times

    And THEN, the book comes and I sit down to read it like I always do. And there before me in the midst of this comedy scene I've done so much work on is this sentence:

    So the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock in 1492, right?

    Cue the deafening silence.

    Columbus sailed the ocean blue in fourteen hundred and ninety two.

    I learned that in grade school.

    The year sixteen twenty the Pilgrims came over..........this is a song I learned a gazillion years ago and can NEVER FORGET.

    But there it was in my book.

    My real question is....after missing it so many times...why oh why couldn't I have missed it ONCE MORE.


  42. Sounds like a great book. Put me in the drawing!
    O Norman

  43. Dearest Tammy, I would love to win copy of Mary Connealy's newest book, it sounds very inviting. and having a need for more independence in my life I am sure it will bring me lots of inspiring ways to do this.. Sophie's Daughter was a gift and I enjoyed every page.. thank you so much for your belief in me and helping me be who I am.. hugs and prayers, M

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. Would love a copy of this book. I love Mary's books and would love to read this new one!!

  46. Mamma Mia...look at all the comments! : ) I hope I'm not too late to have my name put in the pot...I'd LOVE to win one of Mary's books.
    I think I've made a comment somewhere else about Downton Abbey...but I'll say it again...LOVE it! It seemed like it took forever for the new season to come out and the end of last season left me hanging a it's good that you can just continue on with season two! I know my family doesn't necessarily love it, but I have claim over the tv from 9-10pm on Sundays...and then when it's over I just sigh with
    Mary, I LOVE Person of Interest, too. Isn't Jim Caviesel awesome?! The former "Lost" guy on there is good, too. I like the way they're adding some twists to the story. I think it's the hubby and I's no. 1 show this season.
    Hope all of you are having a great weekend! ~Stacey

  47. Hey Stacey! No, you're not too late for the drawing. We'll draw late night tomorrow and then I'll post the winner here on Monday and also on my FB Page.

    And YES on Downton Abbey. Love it! I have Person of Interest recorded but haven't watched it yet. Not enough time. But will. I only watch TV when I'm exercising. That's my reward! ;) And Ben from LOST is on there too. Love him as an actor. Jim too. Both are fabulous.

    Blessings on your weekend, everyone.

    And Mary! One last thing... I feel your pain on catching that mistake on the dates and the Pilgrims AFTER the book is in print. Groan.... These things happen but oh...we hate it when they do. I'll bet a lot of readers will be so caught up in your story, they'll fly right by it! Let's hope! ; )

  48. I love marriage of convenience stories! So fun. I've suddenly been hearing about Downton Abbey everywhere. I will definately check this out.

  49. I do too, Beth! That's a theme that always seem to work!

    If you look for Downton Abbey in your cable search and can't find it, check under Masterpiece Classics. That's what it's under on our TV service.

    Okay, off to draw the winner of the giveaway. Good luck everyone! I'll post the winner here and on my FB page in the morning.


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