Friday, January 13, 2012

Weather Apps and Cravings

This is what my weather app showed me yesterday at 4:47PM for Nashville/Brentwood, TN...

Don't you just love it? Snow gently falling. So pretty. It reminded me of our years in Colorado––except the snow here didn't stick, or pile up against the garage where you couldn't get the cars out, and it didn't blanket the world in a lovely wonderland of white. But other than that, it was just like Colorado. :)

BTW, I sure hope it's sunny tomorrow like the app says. I'm needing some sunshine. Recent days of grey weather are starting to get to me a little. In fact––brace yourselves, I know this will come as a shock to some of you––but I had to resort to cookie therapy.

Yep, I broke down. I'm on deadline with another book and I needed comfort food. Badly. So, I got out the yellow bag...

And soon...everything yummy was mixin' together

Isn't it pretty?

Now here's what I call a beater worth licking! 

Okay, okay, okay... is this better?

(And I was very gracious this time and let Kurt lick the beater...
because I licked the bowl!)

And finally, little yummy bits of heaven... Mmmm...

Only four, you say? Yep, only four.
I  have the rest of the cookie dough hidden in the fridge.
I'm tellin' ya. It's deadline survival mode. 

Blessings on your day,


  1. You brave girl you...baked only 4 cookies, I'm so proud of you! ;-)
    Can't wait to read your next book so "Get to it lady!" A Lasting Impression was so good, it got me interested in the "real" Adelicia, so it was fun to google and read about her life.
    Have a great day and don't eat that cookie batter in the fridge! That's a no no! lol

  2. Ooooo, those cookies look absolutely yummy--hope they fueled that deadline fire. ;-)

    Enjoy the snow if you get it, because even here in Oregon, we aren't seeing ANY. Not a flake since October/November. Wonder what the rest of the winter will hold?

  3. Oh man...those cookies...and the dough...looks SO good! : ) I'm impressed with your 4 cookie maximum...I don't think I could've done it.
    I'm enjoying the cooler weather down here in GA, but we're not even close to having snow. I'm with you, the weather has been dreary, we were in the house all week...blah. But today my Mom and I got out and instead of cookie therapy I did retail a few things for the kiddos. I'm not sure which is better...abusing the waistline or the pocketbook! ; )

  4. Glad you read up on the "real" Adelicia, Veronica. She was a fascinating woman. I'm glad I've got two more books with her in them!

    No snow in Oregon, Casey? Batten down the hatches, woman. It's coming!! : }

    And Stacey, I think I'll vote for the waistline abuse but ONLY because I'm walking about 3 miles a day now. So when I treat myself like this on occasion, I don't feel all that guilty. Notice I said "all." : )

    Back to writing. Appreciate you gals!

  5. You're so cute, Tammy! When I read some of your comments, I find myself smiling! (or in the case of the cookie dough---drooling!). YUM! ~ Prayers for your writing to go smoothly (and may your cookie dough last as long as you need it, LOL). Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  6. Tamara,
    I just closed the book "A Lasting Impression", which was no small feat as I have been babysitting my 3 little "G" Babies while their parents are moving.Ages 6,4 and 3 :)
    I devoured the final pages this morning with Fruit Loops slurping in the background.
    Oh My.
    Finally, a book I savored until the last words.
    I loved it!
    Much to my surprise as I was closing the book , I read the words on your "Dear Reader" page.
    As much as I loved this book, I loved your words there even more and believe your message will ring in my mind forever.
    "Would you write it just for me".
    You have no idea how God used those words in my heart.
    Blessings to you Tamera! God is using you in more ways than you might imagine!

  7. Thanks, Patti Jo! You make me smile too, lady. Wish I could share my cookie dough.

    Pat, bless you, friend. I'm so glad you enjoyed ALI but am even more thrilled by how God used those words to speak to your heart. Just as he did mine, several years ago, and continues to today. Blessings as we lift up the name of Jesus!

  8. Tammy, it must be a deadline by looking at the time of your post! What a great midnight snack attack! LOL!
    You have found my favorite weakness! Oh, how I wish you could air mail me some! Overnight would be fine (SMILE)
    Prayers for your deadline.

  9. Oh Tamera, I just love your remedy to dreary days.
    Being from MI we'd often have 20 in a row with no sunshine. But now in FL I expect sunshine, and on this morning, 1-15-12; it's showing 31'....not a good thing to see, I'm beginning to feel these cold damp days...and yes, in Florida!! Wait and come in late February and we'll have sweat tea and your delicious cookies on the beach! (Oh, please check your message link). :)

  10. Mmm, Those cookies look delish. I'll be right over.

  11. Thanks for those prayers, Miriam. Keep 'em coming, please!

    Diane, I love FL! And the beach no less, with cookies! : )

    Come on over, Linda. I've got plenty left. I'm doling it out very s-l-o-w-l-y. And it's hidden in the back of the fridge so the guys can't find it. Not that I'm stingy or controlling or anything...

    : )

  12. You just inspired me to bake chocolate chip cookies :) I was trying to think of a good snack. I always get the munchies when I write(inspiration perhaps?:} )


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