Friday, January 13, 2012

Weather Apps and Cravings

This is what my weather app showed me yesterday at 4:47PM for Nashville/Brentwood, TN...

Don't you just love it? Snow gently falling. So pretty. It reminded me of our years in Colorado––except the snow here didn't stick, or pile up against the garage where you couldn't get the cars out, and it didn't blanket the world in a lovely wonderland of white. But other than that, it was just like Colorado. :)

BTW, I sure hope it's sunny tomorrow like the app says. I'm needing some sunshine. Recent days of grey weather are starting to get to me a little. In fact––brace yourselves, I know this will come as a shock to some of you––but I had to resort to cookie therapy.

Yep, I broke down. I'm on deadline with another book and I needed comfort food. Badly. So, I got out the yellow bag...

And soon...everything yummy was mixin' together

Isn't it pretty?

Now here's what I call a beater worth licking! 

Okay, okay, okay... is this better?

(And I was very gracious this time and let Kurt lick the beater...
because I licked the bowl!)

And finally, little yummy bits of heaven... Mmmm...

Only four, you say? Yep, only four.
I  have the rest of the cookie dough hidden in the fridge.
I'm tellin' ya. It's deadline survival mode. 

Blessings on your day,

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