Friday, January 27, 2012

Writing, writing, writing

Hey friends! As I'm writing this, it's late Thursday night and I'm pushing to finish a scene that I've been working on today. It's been a hard one to write but only because it's a turning point in the story. One of those pivotal scenes where, from there on out, things are different between the male and female protagonist. There's no going back.

And I'm completely and positively brain dead. LOL! But in a good way.

So, since I need to keep plugging away at this next scene (and no, I'm NOT watching the next episode of Downton Abbey, I promise!) PLUS I realized that I never shared my Tuesday post from Writes of Passage, I'm going to do that today!

It's called Cooking is good medicineand I share one of my favorite "go to" meals.

But... Now that I've mentioned Downton Abbey, here's a new clip from "Cora," one of the characters on the show. So good!

So, how many of you are watching DA now? Come clean! ; )

And if you'd like the recipes for the dishes I mention in my post, they're listed on my FB Page. 



  1. As you know, I'm addicted to DA as well! :-) I haven't been able to watch the last episode of Season 1 yet, as we've been busy...but it's sitting on my computer, waiting to be watched!

    Hope you get some good rest so that you're ready to continue to write today :-)

  2. We love Downton Abbey. A couple of weeks ago, I preordered season 2 on DVD, which they said would release on Feb. 7. Well guess what I got in the mail on Wednesday? When Sunday comes, we'll just pop in our DVDs and finish the thing! (Yes, I'm impatient!) I can't wait!

  3. I heard of DA for the first time on your blog a couple of weeks ago. I found season 1 on Netflix and I've been worthless every afternoon after school, glued to my computer with my earbuds in! (we homeschool) I just started season 2 on PBS. My 5th and 6th grade daughters are studying WW1 so the timing is perfect! I love it.

  4. I can thank my friend for getting me addicted to Downton Abbey. A good addiction :)

    I hope you were able to finish the scene. I love those turning point scenes.

  5. Thanks for visiting, gals. Catherine, I've gotten some much needed writing done in recent days and it feels good. Loving the story and looking forward to reaching "The End" (so I then dive back in for rewrites, where the story really comes alive!).

    Anne, I'm officially jealous, woman!

    Loved hearing that, Beth. Gave me a smile. I can just see you! LOL!

    And freddikb, it IS a good addiction! ;)


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