Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Favorite Romance Moments

I started to chat about the history of Valentine's Day today, because, well...hello! Then I actually read up on the history of Valentine's Day. And well...it's kind of depressing (saints being slain, martyrs, etc...). At least it sounds a tad depressing when I'm writing this post late Monday night/early Tuesday morning after a FULL day of writing. And quite frankly, I'd rather talk chocolate and movies.

So here we go!

Here are some of my favorite romance moments from some of my favorite romance movies! The subtly in these scenes, the emotions... Oh, wonderful! (And get ready, because I'm going to ask you to share your favorites.)

Set up: Luc Teyssier, a self-proclaimed lover of all women who could never settle for just one woman, is trying to get something out of Kate's bag while she's sleeping. But he gets a little more than he bargained for.

Set up: Robert Redford (Tom Booker) is the horse whisperer who is working with a badly wounded horse that belongs to Kristin Scott Thomas (Anne MacLean), who is married, but not to Redford, obviously. You'll see Annie's husband (Robert), played by the wonderful Sam Neill, at a nearby table. Talk about a sexy moment and note: they're fully clothed. Just goes to show you don't have to get graphic to show powerful attraction and longing.

Set up: Pretty simple... Robert Redford (Denys) is shampooing Meryl Streep's (Karen's) hair. They've been out on safari together. 

Set up: And NO! This isn't the "famous last scene" from Sense and Sensibility where Edward proposes to Elinor, though that one is wonderful! I love this scene because it's at the outset of their relationship and the humor is spot on! Humor is magical to me. Especially in romance. I love to laugh, and the ability to laugh at things (and each other) has helped Joe and me make it these 27 years and counting. 

So now, you tell me, on this Valentine's Day, what is one of your favorite romancey moments from a book or movie? 

Wishing you chocolate and romance but not necessarily in that order,
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