Monday, March 12, 2012

Leg Wrestling Over Antiques

Late one night last weekend, my daughter Kelsey called me and said, "I've found the prettiest antique desk!" So I quickly got online to La Vie En Rose Cottage's Facebook Page and viewed it, and it was a beautiful little desk!

Next day, Kels and I went to look at it. And while the above desk is lovely, it was a tad small for her needs. But when we turned around, we saw this one! 

An 1850s restored desk with hutch with original drawer pulls and hardware, and it was love at first sight. For us both! I thought about challenging her to a leg wrestling match in the parking lot, but the loving mother in me won out––though just barely––and she bought the desk!

You can't see it in this picture but it's got some pretty antiquing on it and has some wonderful little cubbies. The desk is being delivered to Kelsey's house tonight, and I can't wait to see it again, and then after she has all of her "pretty things" inside.

There's something special about owning a piece of furniture or item that's seen some years and that's touched so many lives. This desk was originally in a seed store up in New England, the Connecticut area, for about sixty years then went home with the owner when the store finally closed and was sold. It stayed in their family for many years. Then the desk "somehow" made its way South, then just recently, the desk found its way (thanks to Jenny Light, the owner of La Vie En Rose Cottage) to a beautiful little antique boutique in Nashville, and––tonight––is finding its way to the home of a young woman who plans on taking great care of it and passing it down to someone else some day.

Here are some glimpses of other items at La Vie En Rose Cottage....

Don't you love these kind of old doors? (That's Kelsey snapping a pic, btw.) They had several old windows, too, that have been restored and can be used to hang necklaces or other jewelry. People can think of such clever things!

They have LOTS of jewelry too. Both antique and "newly old."

I found a couple of vintage books while there...

A romance from the 1800s. Have you read this one about the red-haired, hot tempered doc? It's actually free on Kindle.

I read this Nancy Drew mystery as a young girl and it's fun to have a 1930s copy.

Allison, wherever you are, if you're ever reading this and you want your book back, tough noogies, gal! Just kidding! Well, sort of.  : )

Also, if you're looking for a specific antique item, Jenny Light is willing to take note of that, and––as she's visiting estate sales and rummaging antique shops––if she finds that item, she'll take a pic and send it to you, then you can discuss whether you want her to buy it for you. Pretty nice deal! You can contact Jenny here:

So, please share... What special pieces of furniture do you own? and what fun stories are behind them? I'd love to know!

Me with my sweet daughter,  Kelsey


  1. Ooh, lovely desks :) I love antique furniture also! They hold so many untold stories. I have several furniture stories...
    The antique dresser and wardrobe I have were given to me by my Dad. They were scuffed, scarred and in sad need of repair. I loaded them up onto my closed in trailer- the wardrobe on the trailer roof (as you do) and set off on my return 2,000km journey home. After a good sand back, revarnish and a couple of new screws they gleam golden and brown in my room. Never judge a piece of furniture by it's looks, there is often a treasure hiding underneath!

    2nd story... not sure if they are classified as 'furniture' but I have a several drawers which are special to me. The fixer upper house I brought and moved into had a ghastly kitchen. Chipboard cupboards, and painted in bright, bright yellow and blue. Ugh. When I replaced the kitchen I kept the drawers out of it. They at least were solidly built. I painted them in soft pastel shades and hung them on the wall, and use them to display things in. There is a really wide drawer, I hung that on the wall in the bathroom and put toilet paper in it, looks very cute. Two narrow and one normal drawer I hung like stair steps in the kitchen and display small antique things and pretty kitchenware in. It's different and useful. It reminds me that there is a purpose for all things, and even when we seem all used up- then God has his way with us, changes, renews and refits us for a different and often better purpose. :)


  2. LOVE what you did with those old drawers, Lucy. How creative. And love your spiritual insights as well. So very true. Blessings on your day, friend! And thanks for visiting.

  3. What a beautiful desk(s)! I could see you trying to win it out from under her. ;)

  4. Those desks are so pretty! I have in my living room what I call my 50 dollar coffee table.I call it that b/c that's exactly how much it cost to buy it from Goodwill and then purchase the stain and trim I used to refurbish it. It looks so different from the way it was when I bought it and I love the swirly leaf pattern I chose to replace the original 70's trim.
    I downloaded Red Pepper Burns to read on my nook (free on too!)

  5. I think I could have taken her, Casey! : )

    And Jen, good for you on giving that coffee table new life! Isn't it amazing what a difference paint and 'swirls' can make? Love it!

  6. Such a charming desk! I've always loved the old desks with all the cubbies. But I just don't have the antiquing gene. I think it comes from having parents who never got rid of anything; the first time I visited an antique store, all the stuff they were selling was the stuff in my mom's kitchen that was just old and needed replacing! LOL

  7. LOL, Linda. I can soooo hear you saying that! ; )

  8. I know its not good to be jealous...but that desk is gorgeous. I have antique-envy to the max, right now!
    That antique shop also looks absolutely wonderful--love the name because it is one of my favorite songs.
    Now I have an urge to rummage in a big ol' antique shop! ;)

  9. I went antique shopping with my parents one day, not what I had wanted to do, but I went. And I am so glad I did, cuz I found the writing desk I had been wanting(but didn't know it til I saw it). It is a 1970's secretary desk with the pull down top(am I describing this right?) It has three drawers that hold all my papers, files, etc.... and all those cubbies for the pens, pencils, what I call the "purse notebooks". Best part was a few months later when I was cleaning it, I discovered 2 hidden compartments! I was so excited, feeling like Nancy Drew(a favorite of mine also).

  10. Oh my!! BEAUTIFUL desk you all found--I'm sure Kelsey is tickled with it! Thanks for sharing those photos from the antique shop--looks like lots of treasures. ~ My maternal Grandmother was born in the 1880s and had a lovely vanity with matching chair--so pretty and sweet-looking. Anyway, when I was very young my Grandmother told my Mama she wanted me to have that one day (I was the youngest of all the grandchildren). So now I'm the proud owner of that lovely piece (sits in our master bedroom). But the most special thing to me is envisioning my Grandmother--as a young girl--sitting at that vanity brushing her hair. *smile* ~ Hugs, Patti Jo

  11. Oh, I love both desks! So neat! I haven't done much antiquing but I think I would love that shop you went to. Looks like they have a lot of neat finds. I don't think I have many things like that at my house...unless you count my house itself as an antique : ). It was built in the 1940s, so it's not that old, but it does have some neat little features, like built in china cabinets in the dining room. It also has a "telephone nook" in the hallway with a little shelf that was used to put the telephone and maybe a phone book. It also has the tiniest thing I wish were modernized! : ) I also have a few old books I bought at a used bookshop in Chattanooga, including a copy of my favorite...Jane Eyre. Fun post! I hope the next time we're in Nashville we can stop by there...along with several other fun places you've mentioned before. Blessings~Stacey

  12. Love all your stories, gals.

    Freddikb, so glad you found a roll-top desk. At least I think that's what it is by your description. Sounds beautiful! I had one of those in earlier years and LOVED that thing. Sold it before we left Colorado to a friend who painted it and made it "her own," which made me feel so good. To know it has a nice home...

    Patti Jo, love how you can picture your grandmother there. How precious.

    Appreciate you all!


  13. Tammy, if I had been there it might have been a three-way leg wrestling--LOL! That desk so charming.Enjoy Kelsey!

    HA, poor Allison! You snooze, you...well, it happens, hon :)

    Have you seen the kindle covers of the mock Nancy Drew bookcovers? Too cute!

    I have my grandmother's little entry desk that I keep my letter writing & envelopes in. On one of the shelves I have a beautiful picture of my parents,and small items that mean something to me. I have her cedar hope chest which now is my memory chest that holds precious items to me. I posted with pictures on my little blog about my grandmother's salt & pepper sets(friends/people gave them to her) that I have. I remember as a girl sitting in front of them when it was raining outside. Dare I admit that I some old "Salty & Peppys", even some wooden ones? Not a prejudice bone in our bodies--truly!
    I love retro stores and antique stores. So you see, Tammy, my Rotel twin, we have something else in common ;-)

  14. Rotel AND retro, Miriam! Lovin' it!


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