Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dental Epiphanies

I was sitting in the dentist's chair yesterday and had an epiphany moment...

 This was a follow up appointment to a procedure I had done two weeks ago. She started to explain what she was going to be doing, step by step. And wild imagination that I have, (and not being good with needles), I asked her to please not describe anything. LOL. I said, "Just do it."

She looked at me as if thinking, "Really?" And I said, "I trust you completely. Bring it on!" Full well knowing that she knew what she was doing. She'd done this a thousand times before. I couldn't offer any additional "advice" to her in how to do her job better. I trusted her knowledge and expertise. Plus, I didn't want to faint dead on the floor! LOL. And as she continued on, I sat there and thought...

How long has it been since I've said that to my Lord and Savior? "I trust you completely." He holds the universe in his hands and yet how often do I want to "control" my own little world. He spoke the heavens and the earth and everything else into existence. Spoke it!! And yet how often I question his master plan in my life. He loves me so much that he gave his only Son to ransom me from sin, and yet I sometimes shy away from full surrender.

Oh, Lord, forgive me for not trusting you as I should. As I want to. And hear me loud and clear as I say, "I trust you completely. Bring it on!"



  1. Such a deep tooth you've shared. I mean truth. :-)

    Seriously, I needed that word. I don't know why I think He needs my input. Sigh.

  2. LOL, Linda. I'm right there with you, babe. I'm always amazed at how much the Holy Spirit accomplishes without my help...

    : }

  3. Aw, you are SUCH a darlin Tamera!
    Bless you for sharing and AMEN to this!
    I encourage you to keep it up, I'm always folowing :)


  4. I needed this today! It's easy to allow yourself to be gripped by fears (I was struggling with this last night) and the truth of who He is conquers those fears! Thanks for sharing~Stacey


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