Thursday, June 14, 2012

POD (print on demand) books

Interesting video about how POD books are made. Buying print books from a brick and mortar store like B&N or ordering from Amazon, ebooks, Kindles, Nooks, Kobos, and POD books... The options are endless!

But the important thing? We have LOTS to read! ; )


  1. I thought POD was when we beg you to write and you write a book! :-)

  2. That thing is really cool!!

    I was thinking of you today. Just wanted to say -- happy writing, and hopefully all the knots in your story (whatever shape they're taking, if you even have any) will untangle themselves.

  3. That was very interesting. I have never seen the details of a book being printed. Thanks for sharing this little video.

  4. Thanks for sharing. That was very interesting


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