Saturday, August 4, 2012

Annual Retreat with writing buddies

Every July I meet a group of writers (and soul sisters) up in Idaho to plot and plan our next books, and what fun we have! We laugh, and plot, and brainstorm, and eat, and walk, and laugh some more, all amidst five days of "close to Heaven" fellowship. I'm so grateful to have these extraordinary women in my life!

The whole motley crew

Hard at work, can you tell?

Relaxing on the back deck

Brandilyn Collins listening intently (or about to fall asleep?)

One amongst us LOVES Rolos. Can you tell who?

A lovely gift from a writing buddy

Every year Janet makes the BEST fruit salads!


Friend and writer Robin Lee Hatcher, brainstormer extraordinaire! During the retreat, I share a room with Robin, and ahem…on occasion we've been known to stay up late and talk. I know it's hard to believe...

Me with Janet between brainstorming sessions

Three of us have size 9.5 feet and over... Can you guess who these feet belong to? (Click here and view the comments for the answer)

The traditional picture on the stairs

I'm a little cold natured so enjoy sitting in the sun in the early mornings

Another group shot (Oh, I love these women!)

Brainstorming with Sheila

Gorgeous flowers are in bloom this time of year 

Caught chatting in the upstairs hallway

Funning around with Tricia Goyer

Frani and Brandilyn, master brainstormers (and jokesters)

Me getting tickled at something Frani did

And getting even more tickled!

More beauty in nature

And the pretty!

After a walk...

A precious little Yorkie named Bear joined us this year too

And finally, our traditional "Tada!" picture. Another wonderful time of sharing and singing and fellowship behind us. I can hardly wait for July 2013! (L to R: Tricia Goyer, Brandilyn Collins, Karen Ball, Janet Ulbright, Robin Lee Hatcher, Francine Rivers, me, Gayle DeSalles, Sheila Lovell, Sharon Dunn. Sunni Jeffers is normally in our number but couldn't make it this year.)

Don't you love your sister time! And aren't we grateful for the women in our lives...


  1. Great pics! Looks like y'all had a FABULOUS time! Love all of these ladies' books!

    1. Tamera, could you name your friends. I've read most of Robin's books and all of yours. I would love to try one book from eacj of your author friends. Always looking for new favorites.

  2. LOVE all those pictures! Always just a wee bit jealous. ;-) I can't wait to read the stories you ladies dream up! When you're in Idaho, you're in my part of the country, I'm in Oregon. Thanks so much for sharing and letting us "join" in on the fun! :)

  3. That looks like so much fun! I haven't had a girl's weekend in forever...seeing your pictures makes my wheels start spinning ; ). I LOVE time with my girlfriends...although time with the hubby is nice, too : ). Glad you were able to get away and get refreshed. God bless~Stacey

  4. I visited there a few weeks ago and met your gracious hostess. What a beautiful setting and great group of wonderful writers to inspire you. I have a group of writer friends that I host a short retreat for each year and God always shows up to remind us why we do what we do. It's such a blessing to enjoy the company of sisters who have the same dreams and talents. So glad you had a great time - who wouldn't??

  5. What a blessing! Looks like such a fun time! I think it is so neat how you all encourage each other and help each other instead of "competing" with each other!

  6. I'll readily admit I have NO clue how I ended up in this wonderful group of women, but I'll be eternally grateful to God for placing me there. They're such an encouragement and strength to me. They walked me through losing Mom back in 2009 and through so many other struggles in the past decade. They started out as writing buddies. Now they're soul sisters for this life, and the next!

    Grateful for you, friends, and praying blessings on your weeks! And yes! I'll list their names above beneath one of the pics! ; )

  7. What fun pictures, Tamera. Looks like it was a lovely time. I hope your souls were refreshed and lifted with great companionship.

  8. Sounds fun, Tam!
    And looks like you had fun indeed so I'm happy for you all.




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