Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Holding the first copy…always feels so good!

Guess what I'm holding… The first copy came in the mail today! 

I can't tell you how excited I am to share this story with you. I've fallen in love with these characters and hope you will too.
To Whisper Her Name is currently on sale for $4.99 for ebook (Kindle, Nook, and iBook) until the release date of October 23, then it goes to full price. The print version is on sale too. But only on PRE-orders.

Tomorrow I'm giving you a sneak peek at something special I've tucked in the back of the book for dessert-lovin' readers. Let's just say it's something "worthy" of a southern plate! : )


  1. So exciting! Can't wait to get a copy in MY hands!!

  2. You're so sweet! Grateful for that report on you today!! Wonderful!

  3. Congratulations! The cover is so gorgeous! I saw little handouts at ACFW at the Zondervan booth for sneak peeks, but I didn't want to become so enthralled then have to wait for the "real" thing. ;)

  4. So FUN! Praise the Lord and congrats Tam!



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