Monday, September 10, 2012

Week 3: Win an advance copy of To Whisper Her Name

Welcome to Week 3 of To Whisper Her Name video vignettes in which I share another of the vignettes we filmed on location at Belle Meade, and where you get another chance to win an advance copy of the novel which releases on October 23. Will someone please give us a drumroll? 

The winner of Week Two's copy of To Whisper Her Name (who shared the link to last week's video as listed in last Monday's blog) is:

Liz R

Liz, congrats, lady! If you'll send me your snail mail address, we'll get you a copy of To Whisper Her Name as soon as they're ready. 

Are you ready for another chance to win, friends?

In the third video vignette, I share about the intriguing thoroughbred history at Belle Meade as well as show you more of this gorgeous setting...

And just like previous weeks, when you share the weekly video on your blog and/or on facebook with friends, or tweet about it to your followers, your name will be entered into that week's drawing. All you have to do is post a comment below on THIS blog post and let me know the links where you posted the YouTube video link for this week's (Week 3) video vignette.

Simple enough, huh?

Each Monday for the next three weeks, I'll post another vignette in anticipation of the release of To Whisper Her Name on October 23rd, and you'll have another chance to win the book by sharing the video with your friends and followers.

This means so much to me that you're sharing these. Truly!

Also, if you haven't grabbed your free ebook of FROM A DISTANCE, do that today! It's available for a limited time on:


  1. Good morning, Tam!
    *Applauding* Another excellent video!
    Congrats Liz R! :-)

    Hmm.. I'm trying to share here but there's a slight problem. On It shows as a status and not a video, I'll try later though

    Love you Tam!

    Have a lovely week everyone:-)

  2. Loving this!! Posted on my facebook :-)

  3. Thanks, Tamera! I posted your video on my facebook page

  4. Thank you for all you do for your fans! If you ever need anything in Smyrna, let me know!!/hillary.ebeth.b

  5. Such an interesting place. Would love to visit Belle Meade on Nov. 10th. Putting on my calendar and hope it works out. Okay this is what I did: Shared it on my facebook page, retweeted your post on twitter (Ruth Smith22), pinned on Pinterest (ruthnaomi67) and tweeted my pin.

  6. Another beautiful glimpse into the book, I can't wait! I posted the video on my blog!

  7. Thanks Tamera! Posted on my facebook page.!!


  8. Thanks for the opportunity to win! :)

    I posted the YouTube link through Twitter:

  9. I shared on facebook:

  10. I shared on my FB page.
    Love your books Tamera.

  11. Morning Tammy, I just seent this beautiful videa and loved it, share it on facebook to all.. bless you..

  12. Tamara I posted on my blog about your vignettes of your new book. Really looking forward to reading it as I really liked the first book in that series. Check out my blog to see the post. Also I shared the post on my FB page. Check it out at!/MelinasBookBlog I also shared it on twitter. Hope to see you in Charleston, WV on Oct. 13.

  13. Shared on twitter.

    Amy C

  14. Abigail Hammack9/12/2012 12:32 PM

    Posted on fb:)

  15. Appreciate you sharing the video, friends! I'm posting the winner of Week 3's copy of To Whisper Her Name momentarily!

  16. CONGRATS to Melina Mason! Week Three's winner. Congrats, Melina!

    I just posted another video which means another chance for one of you friends to win! Appreciate you all!


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