Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Charleston, West Virginia Bound!

I'll be speaking with Lynn and Julie this Sunday at the West Virginia Book Festival. What fun! Hope to see you there, friends. We'll be holding a book signing directly following. I'll have copies of all my books there including fresh "hot off the press" copies of To Whisper Her Name.


  1. Oh, I see how it is. Finally a conference/festival that I'm not at and TWHN is there. No little chapter booklets for those folks, huh?! :-)

    Have a great time!

  2. LOL, Linda! You're hysterical. You can't win for losin', can you babe!? : )

  3. That sounds neat! Hope you have a great time! ~Stacey

  4. So wanted to be there but my son has a football game that day and I've already missed one this fall due to being sick. Have fun and enjoy the "Mountain State"


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