Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Two Book Festivals, One Busy Weekend!

I had the fun (and honor) of speaking at both the Southern Festival of Books (Nashville) and the West Virginia Book Festival (Charleston, WV) this past weekend. It was a whirlwind, but a fun one!

In Charleston, I shared a panel with Lynn Austin and Julie Klassen, and I have to say… I love these women! I really enjoyed the time with them as well as the chance to meet readers. I only wish I were taller... Maybe I can get my hair to go bigger somehow. Hmmmm....
Here are some glimpses from the weekend…

Having fun with new friends Mary Jane Henry and Donna Tuma at the Southern Festival of Books in Nashville. Oh my gracious, these ladies are a hoot! I could get into some serious trouble with these gals! ; )

Loved meeting Susan McGuire at the West Virginia Book Festival. She picked me up from the airport Saturday night. Doesn't she look so official with her headset? 

Julie, Toni Blessing (our contact for the WV Book Festival), Lynn, and me at the booksigning that followed our panel presentation

Apparently SOMEONE forgot to tell me to wear a dress. Sheesh! Felt like I needed to repent or something... 

Oh! This was hysterical! First, this is Dwight Baker, CEO of Baker Books. He and Dave Lewis (who was off doing something very important when I snapped this photo) were manning the booth at the Southern Festival of Books here in Nashville. Anyway… I grabbed a Diet Pepsi before I left the house for the festival and tried all the way downtown to get it open. To no avail! So when I got to the booth, I asked Dwight if he would open it for me. And…ROFLOL… he couldn't open it either. After he muttered some comment like, "Thanks for making me question my manhood," I just laughed and set the bottle by the trash can. Then a few minutes later, I look over and see him with a set of pliers prying that Pepsi bottle open. Oh so funny… But he did it! Thanks, Dwight! Loved the Pepsi, and being at the festival with you and Dave.

At the booksigning following the presentation in Nashville. Love her jacket, and wanted to trade. And I totally forgot that I wore the same sweater to both festivals. LOL! Oh well…I told you the weekend was a blurrrr. Next time I'm wearing a dress! : }

One week from today To Whisper Her Name releases! I'm so excited to share this story with y'all. If ebooks are your edition of choice then be sure and grab this one for the special PRE-order price of $4.99. But on PRE-orders only. Which means you need to order it from KindleNook, and iBook before next Tuesday. Hope you enjoy!
Have you ever been to a book festival? These were my firsts this weekend, but definitely not my last. I loved every minute!
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