Monday, November 19, 2012

Betrayal & The Memory Jar, brand new releases

Hey friends! Two of my best writing buddies––Robin Lee Hatcher and Tricia Goyer––both have brand new releases this month that are not to be missed!

Here I am with Tricia (left) & Robin (right) this past summer at our annual brainstorming retreat, where Robin and I are trying to "erase the years" from our necks. It's an effective method, though none too subtle.

Robin Lee Hatcher's newest novel, Betrayal, is fabulous! And it's ready and waiting for you!

Great cover, huh?

Here's a peek inside:

Spring 1881
The train belched black smoke as it chugged across the wide prairie. In the third railcar were twenty-six orphans and two adults from Dr. Cray’s Asylum for Little Wanderers. The children had left Chicago and were headed west for placement, hoping to leave poverty, cold, and hunger behind them.

Technically, the Brennan children weren’t orphans. Although their mother had died this past winter, their dad was still alive. Somewhere. Least as far as anyone knew. But when it came to his children, Sweeney Brennan was as good as dead.

Thirteen-year-old Hugh was now the head of the family. He’d promised his mother on her deathbed that he would take care of his younger sisters. He was determined he would keep that promise. Only how? He’d been warned it was unlikely they would find a family to take in all three. Well, he would just have to do some fast talking. If he’d inherited anything from his father it was the gift of gab.

Hugh turned away from the window to look at his sisters. Leaning against each other, Felicia and Diana slept, lulled by the warm temperature inside the railcar. Wisps of Felicia’s long hair fell across her face. 

He leaned forward and brushed it aside.

She opened her eyes, giving him a groggy look. “Are we there?” she whispered.

“Not yet. Soon, I think.”

Releasing a sigh, she closed her eyes again.

“I’ll take care of them, Mum. I won’t fail you. You’ll see.”

Read more about Betrayal here.

And Tricia's The Memory Jar is equally engaging. You're going to love it! 

Love the way he's looking at her...

West Kootenai, Montana is known for it's fall hunting season. Amish men "hunting" for brides and a good hunting season, arrive in spring to make sure they have official "residency" for both events!

Sarah Shelter has lived in W. Kootenai for the last ten years and wonders if she will ever fall in love. Since the tragic death of her best friend, she carries her memories in a jar along with the small items connected to them. For just as long, she's also been carrying around her emotions instead of allowing them to penetrate deep into her heart. Will there ever be someone kind and gentle who can break down that wall?

Hope you'll check them out! 

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