Monday, November 12, 2012

Glimpses from Belle Meade, Past and Present

Picture by Whitney Luckhart (thanks, Whitney)

This past Saturday was the launch book signing for To Whisper Her Name at the Belle Meade Plantation, and it was a fun day!

Before I share pics from that day, I'd love to share some pictures of the "real" people of Belle Meade who are characters in the novel, and who I "see" at every turn whenever I'm out at Belle Meade Plantation.

General William Giles Harding, owner of Belle Meade Plantation

Elizabeth McGavock Harding, wife of General William Giles Harding

The Harding's eldest daughter, Selene
The Harding's younger daughter, Mary

Robert Green (or "Uncle Bob"), head hostler and horse whisperer at Belle Meade 

Writing about real people can be tricky. But having access to the historical documents at Belle Meade, as well as a multiplicity of transcribed letters from family members and former slaves, gives insights to their thoughts and opinions, and even hints at the cadence of their "voices." I'm so appreciative to Belle Meade for making these documents readily available to me during my research and writing.

And now, some current day glimpses of Belle Meade and the launch book signing of To Whisper Her Name. (Click once a picture to make it larger, then you can scroll through, then "X" out at the end to return to the blog.)

With Karin, the event coordinator (who did a splendid job!)

My sweet family

With Alicia Mey (Marketing Director) and Sue Brower (Editor) from Zondervan

L to R: Marika Flatt (PR by the Book), Ami McConnell, moi, Katie Bond, Sue Brower, Daisy Hutton, Alicia Mey (the Harper Collins Christian Publishing Division team)

With some sweet friends from my "growing up in Atlanta days"
L to R: Sherry, Jan, Jennifer and Betty (Great seeing y'all!)

With Bailey Janes (great to meet you, Bailey! Thanks for coming!)

With sweet sisters Whitney and Lauren Luckhart (who came with their mom, Tammy)
They came to the Belmont signing too, so seeing them at Belle Meade was really special. Thanks, ladies!

With the lovely Stacey Daniel (loved meeting your hubby, Stacey!)

And finally, my beautiful sister-in-law, Denise, and her lovely daughter (and MY lovely niece!) came as well. So nice to have them there.

As you can see above, the Belle Meade gift shop is all glittery and sparkly and decked out for Christmas! Speaking of, it's almost time to get out the Christmas decorations here at home again, which I can hardly believe. Where did the year go? The months seem to go by faster and faster.

We usually put up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. But this year (due to the Netherlands trip), we'll be decorating early. What about you? When do you decorate for Christmas? And are you a "real" tree person? Or artificial?
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