Thursday, January 17, 2013

Coming full circle

Photo of Adolphus Heiman
courtesy of Belmont Mansion
You won't believe this but I'm sitting here researching tonight (well, okay, that you'll believe), but as I'm reading about Adolphus Heiman, a leading German architect in Nashville in the 1860s and the man who designed the Belmont Mansion (setting of A Lasting Impression), I read that he was from Potsdam, Germany. And I pause, thinking, "Wait a minute…"

Potsdam, Germany is where missionaries from our church live, and where there's a bookstore where my books are, and where 
A Lasting Impression (that just released this month in Germany) is being sent! So the book about the Belmont Mansion that Adolphus Heiman designed some 160 years ago is now for sale in *his* hometown. 

Don't you just love how God works. Coming full circle... So cool.

Okay, just had to share that. Back to researching! 


  1. WOW!! Love this, Tammy! That really IS cool---another example of God at work *smile*.
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  2. I love how God makes connections when we least expect it! : ) Happy researching!

  3. I'm living next to Potsdam in Berlin. :) Just read and reviewed "A lasting Impression" and really liked it! Can't wait for more of your books in German. Keep writing for God, Tamera!

    1. WOW, Elke! What a small world, as they say. Thank so much for reading, and I hope our paths cross one day!

    2. I would love to invite you for an iced coffee with Caramel at Dunkin' Donuts. Just visit Berlin - it's full of history. You'll love it! :)

    3. I'd love that, Elke! If I'm in Berlin and schedules allow, I might just take you up on it!


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