Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Being at Belmont Mansion was a blast!

Belmont Mansion, the setting of my novel A Lasting Impression, had a free open house this past Sunday, and I had the fun pleasure of signing books and meeting friends!

With Rachel McRae and her sweet mom in the gift shop (can you see the resemblance?!!). Rachel is a book buyer for LifeWay and a real encouragement in this business. Her dad was there too, and we had a blast chatting about history.

With Gail Williams of Hendersonville, TN. It was such a pleasure to meet you, Gail, and to have a chance to visit. Thanks for reading, friend! And so glad you found that map!

With Joan Keller in the gift shop. Joan, you're such a sweet encouragement, lady. Thank you for reading so faithfully and for visiting today. So glad we connected!

With Angela and Tori Myers (mother and daughter) who live here in Nashville. On Acklen Avenue, no less! Love that. So would Adelicia, I'm sure. Angela and Tori, thanks for reading and it was a pleasure to meet you both!


  1. I had everything ready to go Saturday night, and when I woke up Sunday morning and no one was awake yet I knew there was something wrong. My dad had come down with the flu! I was so disappointed that we couldn't come, but things happen I suppose.
    I am so glad that it turned out good for you though. It looks like everyone had a nice time.
    Best wishes,

    1. So sorry your dad is sick, Bailey. Praying he heals quickly. I missed seeing your pretty face on Sunday, but I'm hoping we'll connect again sometime soon! Much love...

  2. That looks like a lot of fun! It's so neat that you're able to connect to the city through your novels...and that others can make the connection, too. Blessings~Stacey

    1. I'm so grateful for those connections, Stacey! Blessings to you and your precious family. I'm remembering those biscuits at Loveless right now... So good! Hugs, friend!

    2. Oh, that was such a great weekend! Those biscuits were the best and so was the company : ). I hope we can do it again one day.


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