Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fun in the Sun Writes of Passage Blog Giveaway

Hilton Head Beach, South Carolina
It's summertime! Time for vacations and stay-vacations and everything in between. 

If you could travel anywhere this summer, all expenses paid, where would you go? South of France? Disneyland? A patisserie in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower?

Would you climb Machu Picchu? Or brave Mount Everest? What about snagging a lazy patch of beach on the Florida coast? Or perhaps the sun-drenched west coast is your preference. Or fishing in Alaska? Or cruising the Mediterranean? Or how about touring the castles of Europe?

Machu Picchu (Lost City of the Incas)
built in 1480, at the height
of the Inca Empire (Peru)
Personally, the last one would be my first choice. I'd love to tour the castles of Europe. That's been on my bucket list for years. I'd start with Highclere Castle just in case the Granthams are home, then I'd move on from there. Wanna come?

It's fun to dream! If you're like me, wherever and whenever you go on vacation, you take a book (or several) with you. No vacation is complete for me without time to read.

I was cooking turkey burgers Sunday afternoon and making Black Bean Salsa (oh so delicious, recipe here) while also listening to an audiobook, and my husband came in shaking his head. "You're reading even as you're cooking?"

Yep! Never waste a minute.

Reading allows me to take mini-vacations. I can travel back in time to 19th century Colorado Territory, to Missouri, Michigan, Idaho, Tennessee, Texas, Montana––even 18th century England––and never leave my cozy reading chair. And so can you!

The authors at Writes of Passage are hosting a Fun in the Sun Giveaway in which you can win 12 bestselling print novels to enhance your "fun in the sun" this summer.

The Girl in the Gatehouse by Julie Klassen
To Win Her Heart by Karen Witemeyer
A Noble Groom by Jody Hedlund
Trouble in Store by Carol Cox
The Quarryman's Bride by Tracie Peterson
A Hidden Truth by Judith Miller
Betrayal by Robin Lee Hatcher
From a Distance by Tamera Alexander
Eve's Daughters by Lynn Austin
My Heart Remembers by Kim Vogel Sawyer
The Promise Box by Tricia Goyer
Forevermore by Cathy Marie Hake

Click here to enter the giveaway 
which ends on July 1st at 11:59 p.m. (central time).

The winner will be announced on Writes of Passage on my post Tuesday, July 2nd.

It's easy to enter. All you need to do is LIKE all twelve of our Facebook pages. That's it. Then you're in the drawing. And if you're having issues, please check your JAVA settings. You must have JAVA "on" to enter Rafflecopter contests.

Now tell me, if you could go anywhere this summer, where would it be? And if you're free to join me on an all-expenses-paid tour of the castles of Europe, leave a comment. As soon as I happen upon a wealthy benefactor, I'll buy our tickets!

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