Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fun in the Sun Giveaway WINNER (and favorite Summer Desserts)

Thanks to everyone who entered the Fun in the Sun Giveaway sponsored by the Writes of Passage authors. We had nearly 9,000 entries and appreciate all the "liking" and "friending" that went on over the past two weeks. Now for big announcement!

The winner of all these novels:

is Deb Forbes!

Congrats, Deb! We'll get your twelve novels in the mail to you, so be watching for them. If you would, we'd love to have a picture of you with the books for the blog, too. 

I love summer recipes and here's a great one to try: Lemon Syllabub, a staple of Belle Meade Plantation in the 1800s and a featured recipe in To Whisper Her Name. Syllabub is light, cold, creamy, and delicious. And as you're whipping up this scrumptious confection, you'll also be whipping up a little history too.

(Click for recipe)

Another personal favorite I've made many times is this Creamy Praline Pecan Pie that you can make ahead and enjoy for days after. Oh, it's so good! (Isn't it, Linda? Who puts chocolate on hers)

(Click for recipe)

What dessert will you be making for 4th of July this year? Please share the recipe, if you're willing. And have a safe and fun-filled holiday as we celebrate this great nation.

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