Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Southern at Heart Giveaway

Southern at Heart Giveaway
Due to postage costs, US Mailing Addresses only

Two lucky readers will each receive a copy of A Lasting Impression plus some yummy Loveless Biscuits and their choice of either Blackberry, Peach, or Strawberry Jam…

The only mandatory option is that you comment on this blogpost. See inside the Rafflecopter box for instructions about what you need to comment on (and I really want to know this about you!).

All other options are "as you wish."

Note: You receive 10 EXTRA CHANCES TO WIN each time you post a review of one of my books. Because––like Southern biscuits––"word of mouth" marketing is the best there is!

Would you like to install this Southern at Heart Giveaway widget on your own blog or website? Click for the link. 

Our front steps last year. Have I mentioned I adore fall? 

Warmest wishes, and may all your biscuits be buttered!
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