Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Beautiful little vintage steamer trunk

My latest find at the Nashville Flea Market…

A pretty little vintage steamer trunk. The real trick was convincing my husband that this purchase was ALLLL about the "downsizing" we've agreed to do. Ahem

The inside has a tad of water damage and signs of wear (of course), but is in really great shape, considering. I've wanted one like this for a long time. This color, too. 

And there it was…just sitting there, waiting for me this weekend at the Nashville Flea Market (that's held on the fourth weekend of every month). Have you been to it?

Couldn't resist this one. Jack was just sitting there watching.

And a close up. It's been "loved" back into better shape with some paint and wax through the years. And still has both leather handles. Now to find a special place for it in the house.

I love the bottom of the old steamer trunk, too. Wonder where all it's been… 
If only "bottoms" could talk! 

Do you love "flea marketing" too? 


  1. That is so cool! Congrats on finding the piece you wanted. When I hear about things like that I think favor.

  2. Love that trunk, Tammy. And yes, I do enjoy flea markets (now FLEAS are another story entirely *wink*) but I am trying to de-clutter...not being very successful, but I'm trying. So I haven't been to a flea market in quite awhile, but I may have to give in and go before too long (there's one not too far from us).
    Thanks for sharing your lovely find with us! AND the picture that features little Jack--what a cutie! ~ Hugs, Patti Jo

  3. Thanks, Patti Jo! And yes, I'm trying to de-clutter too. It just doesn't look like it. LOL! Honestly though, I took an Expedition FULL to Goodwill last week. Felt good. We're slowly cleaning out the garage and I'm going through boxes I haven't opened since we moved into this house 3.5 years ago. : } Been busy writing, writing, writing. But love the giving away part. Feels good to go lighter. Except when it comes to vintage steamer trunks. : ) Hugs, friend.


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