Monday, September 23, 2013

Coming April 2014 - A Beauty So Rare

I'm busy working on rewrites for my next book that I'm so excited to share with you early this next year...the second (of three) books in the Belmont Mansion series.

Here's a quick preview.... 

Can't wait to share this book with you, friends. 

About the book:

Eleanor Braddock, a spinster--plain and practical, no stunning Southern beauty--has long since dismissed any hope of marriage. But when a dying soldier whispers his final words, she believes her life can still have meaning and determines to find his widow. But this compassionate deed takes a harsh turn, and Eleanor finds herself dependent upon the richest woman in America and the most despised woman in Nashville--her aunt, Adelicia Acklen, mistress of Belmont Mansion. A clandestine act of kindness leads Eleanor to an unlikely path for her life--building a home for destitute widows and children from the Civil War. And while Eleanor knows her own heart, she also knows her aunt will never approve.

Rudolf Marcus Gottfried, Archduke of the House of Habsburg and fourth in line to the Austrian throne, arrives in Nashville in search of a life he determines, instead of one determined for him. Collaborating with botanist Luther Burbank, Marcus seeks to combine his own passion for nature with his expertise in architecture. But his plans to incorporate natural beauty into the design of the widow's and children's home run contrary to the wishes of practical, frugal Eleanor, who sees his ideas as costly nonsense.

Yet as the construction project continues, Marcus and Eleanor find common ground--and a love neither of them expected. But Marcus is not the man Adelicia has chosen for Eleanor to marry, and even if he were, someone who knows Marcus's secrets is about to reveal them all.

Have you read A Lasting Impression, the first book in the Belmont Mansion series yet?


  1. I am reading "A Lasting Impression" right now. I just got to the part where Sutton's mother arrives at the mansion. Loving the book and cannot decide if this will be my new favorite Tamera Alexander book or if "To Whisper Her Name" will remain on top. :)
    ~ Lisa Anm

    1. Thanks for reading, Lisa Ann! And let me know. : )

  2. A beauty So Rare is already pre-ordered. I'm really looking forward to reading it! :) I have A Lasting Impression on my bookshelf and really enjoyed it!

    Tressa @ Tressa's Wishful Endings

    1. Aw, thanks, Tressa! Appreciate that, friend.

  3. A Lasting Impression is one of my favourite books!! I can hardly wait for this next one to come out!! I find your books such a breath of fresh air and always enjoy reading them over and over!

    1. Made my day, The Reader! Truly. Hugs from TN!


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