Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"Jesus with skin" people in your life

Hey friends, I'm writing from Atlanta.

I drove down on Sunday to be with my sweet dad who's been suffering from TIAs (mini-strokes) and other related issues. It's so hard to see those you love hurting.

On Sunday when I arrived, he was not doing well at all, but what a difference the past 24 hours and YOUR PRAYERS have made! Thank you for offering prayers for his strength and healing.

The TIAs seem to have stopped (though, as many of you know, there's really no way to stop them completely, they're the body's warning sign of blood clots), and his issues of dizziness, nausea, and splitting headaches are subsiding as well. He's actually eating again and took three shorts walks yesterday. His balance and mobility are improving each time. He might be coming home today, we'll see.


This pic is of him on Monday afternoon talking on the phone with a fellow retiree and former co-worker from Life of Georgia (where Dad worked for 36 years). I love that he still has these friendships in his life all these years later. Doesn't he look great for what he's been through in recent days?

The three of us last night before I went back to their house

I'll likely head back to Nashville today. Esta (Dad's sweet wife) will take excellent care of him, I know. I have a first draft due next Friday and can hear the clock majorly ticking inside me. But I'm so grateful to have had this precious time with my dad. I've thanked my Heavenly Father repeatedly for giving me an earthly father who looks so much like him. It's made such a difference in my faith walk to have had Godly parents. I'm so grateful.

I'm also grateful, friends, that (as Eleanor says in A Beauty So Rare) our together forever started here. I appreciate you!

Who in your life has been a reflection of God the father and of Jesus for you? 


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