Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Torn ACLs are no fun

Jack is recuperating from surgery after a torn ACL, bless him. He has to wear the cone for two weeks with very limited movement/walking during that time, and after two weeks only gradual walking. And then he can't run or jump for another eight weeks (!!). After trying to barricade him in with pillows and other household objects, we broke down and—okay, I'm slightly embarrassed admitting this—bought a playpen, the cheapest one we could find, to keep him corralled for the duration. 

He's never stayed in a kennel and usually has "run of the house," so a kennel would have added major anxiety for him on top of all the pain. So this is a compromise of sorts, and a very new and unwelcome change for him. 

But I'm so grateful for Dr. Mirae Wood and this surgery. Otherwise, Jack would have gone lame and eventually lost his right hind leg. We were playing ball on partial carpet/wood floor and he slipped and tore the ligament completely. #FeelSOBad Lesson: Only play ball on fully carpeted area. 

Has your sweet pet ever had surgery? 
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